Paul Pelletier, Guest Author

Paul Pelletier
••• Paul Pelletier

Paul is a corporate lawyer, project manager, international public speaker, and business consultant with over 25 years experience in senior roles in government and industry. A pioneer in the legal profession, Paul fused his law career with project management and has over 15 years in senior management, including leading a PMO, transformational projects and teams. A recognized leader in the project management ​profession, serves on the Project Management Institute’s Ethics Member Advisory Group and is a regular presenter at global project management conferences and events. He is also a published author in the field of respectful workplace behavior.

An expert in workplace respect, bullying, leadership and ethics, Paul is a consultant focusing on workplace respect and leadership. Helping organizations establish strategic respectful workplace policies, training, programs, and processes for safely, fairly, and effectively addressing disrespectful behavior is his Paul’s specialty. Paul is associated with a team of experts in every aspect of workplace respect providing a full spectrum of consulting services including prevention, education, resolution, counseling and support.

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