Performing Arts Quiz

Should You Become an Actor, Singer, Musician or Dancer?

Performing Arts Audience
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2. Whether you're an actor, dancer, singer or musician, how much time do you, or will you, dedicate to practicing?

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4. A friend is anxiously waiting to find out if he got a role he auditioned for. How do you react?

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8. Where do you expect to live?

9. What is your favorite thing to do on a free morning?

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Performing Arts Quiz

You got: Keep Performing ... But Just for Fun

I got Keep Performing ... But Just for Fun. Performing Arts Quiz
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You may be a talented singer, musician, actor or dancer but your answers indicate you don't have the attributes needed for a professional career. If you truly have your heart set on becoming a paid performer, learn what they are and see if you can acquire them.

Performers need self-discipline. They spend years honing their craft. They audition frequently and repeatedly get rejected. They must not get discouraged. Superior listening skills allow them to take direction from choreographers, producers and directors. They must be able to quickly learn and memorize scripts, dance routines, music and songs.

An abundance of physical stamina allows them to spend hours training, rehearsing and performing. Excellent interpersonal skills are essential. They must be willing to travel to auditions and performances.

You should not get into the performing arts for the money. While some people become rich and famous, most have to work at unrelated jobs to help earn enough to pay the bills.

Performing Arts Quiz

You got: You Probably Shouldn't Go Pro

I got You Probably Shouldn't Go Pro. Performing Arts Quiz
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Despite your talent as a singer, musician, actor or dancer, your answers show you are missing many attributes you need to succeed as a performing artist. If you can improve in these areas, you may be able to move ahead with your plans.

Performers need the self-discipline to spend a lot of time honing their craft. The word "discouragement" can't be in their vocabularies if they want to get through many auditions and the rejections that follow. Excellent listening skills let them understand instructions from directors, choreographers or producers. The ability to learn and memorize scripts, music, lyrics and dance routines is a must.

They have to be willing to travel to auditions and performances. Outstanding physical stamina allows them to spend hours rehearsing and performing. They need to be able to get along with fellow performers.

You should choose a different career If you expect to get rich and famous. Very few performers do. Many need to take on unrelated jobs to pay the bills.

Performing Arts Quiz

You got: You May Be Ready to Take Your Show on the Road

I got You May Be Ready to Take Your Show on the Road. Performing Arts Quiz
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Your talent as a musician, actor, singer or dancer is essential if you want to become a performing artist, but other attributes are also important. According to your answers, you have many, but not all, of them. Acquire the ones you are missing if you want to succeed in this competitive field. There are no guarantees, but you can improve your chances.

Performers need self-discipline to continuously work on their craft. They can't get discouraged by rejection even after going on countless auditions. Strong listening skills allow them to follow choreographer's, director's or producer's directions. They need the ability to learn and memorize scripts, music or dance routines.

Performers must be willing to travel to auditions and performances. They need excellent interpersonal skills. Physical stamina lets them withstand long rehearsals and performances.

If you want to get rich, find another way. Few performers earn big bucks. Most need additional sources of income to support themselves.

Performing Arts Quiz

You got: A Star is About to Be Born

I got A Star is About to Be Born. Performing Arts Quiz
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Congratulations! You are talented and have all, or most, of the attributes you need to be a performing artist. Look at the required characteristics to see if you are missing any. Acquiring them will increase your chances of success but there are no guarantees.

Performers need the self-discipline to continuously hone their craft even after they "make it." They must continue to go on auditions despite rejections.

Excellent listening skills are a must. They allow you to follow directions from choreographers, directors or producers. Performers must be able to learn and memorize lyrics, music, scripts or dance routines. They need outstanding interpersonal skills.

Prepare to spend a lot of time traveling since you will have to go to auditions and performance that are far away. Good physical stamina will help you endure long rehearsals and performances.

Don't do this if you expect to become rich or famous. Most performers don't and even have to work other jobs to pay the bills.