Phil Breman

Phil Breman is a Los Angeles based writer/producer with extensive credits in both scripted and reality television.


Mr. Breman has spent the last fifteen years working in the entertainment industry. He has literally done it all. From starting out as a cameraman, to working as a talent agent, creative executive, sit-com writer/producer to most recently serving in the role of executive producer and Chief Creative Officer of his own media firm. Over the years, he has served in a number of vital roles at major entertainment companies like NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Television and DreamWorks. Mr. Breman currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and family.


Mr. Breman holds a BA in Communications from Unviersity of California at San Diego

Phil Breman

I can remember how impossible it seemed to break into the entertainment industry when I was first starting out. But sometimes the impossible is much easier to navigate when someone hands you a map. Over the past fifteen years I've seen a lot of changes in the industry and I think it's easier than ever to find the perfect entertainment job -- but you have to know where and how to look. That's where I can help. The information I provide in this section of will hopefully give you the information you need to kick start your entertainment career in the right direction.