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Company Description:

Owned by Kindred Healthcare, which is headquartered in Louisville, KY, PointClickCare is a cloud-based medical record system that nursing and rehabilitation centers use to automate clinical processes involved in documenting care. The company, which operates in the Untied States and Canada, utilizes remote workers for several of its customer care functions.

Types of Work-at-Home Positions:

While most of the company's positions are in-office, it hires multiple people for the following remote positions on an ongoing basis, in addition to other higher-level remote positions that occasionally become available. Some of the company's in-house jobs, which are mostly in Minnesota and Ontario, may transition to telecommuting our part or full time.

Customer Support Specialist - U.S.-based agents, who must have an excellent understanding of the clinical/admin modules used to support patient care, resolve customer issues via the telephone, email or other electronic interactions. A college degree, preferable in nursing, as well as experience using PointClickCare applications is required in these jobs. Hours are mostly weekdays 8 AM to 7 PM with occasional weekend work. 

Customer Support Consultant, Admin - Similar to the customer support specialist position, these jobs also require a college degree and familiarity with PointClickCare and are the same hours. However, these positions are more related to technical and administrative issues. These positions are in both the U.S. and Canada

Pharmacy Sales Specialist - These sales reps need a minimum 2 years sales or customer service experience and experience with PointClickCare. A bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration or prior experience in pharmacy industry is needed. 

Sales - Various remote sales positions in the United States include channel sales, inside sales, sales ops, assisted living facility sales and account management are hired.     

Applying to PointClickCare:

To apply go to the PointClickCare website and upload your resume.


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