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Many professional writers will find that a functional (or combination) resume format is the best choice to show off their qualifications and experience. Why? Because these formats highlight skills over chronological work history. And, when it comes to a creative job like being a professional writer, what you can do is more important than when you did it.

This format is especially helpful if you have limited work experience in the industry or have gaps in your resume. A resume that highlights core competencies will focus hiring managers’ limited attention on the things that matter (what you can do for the employer), and draw it away from the things that don’t (a career path with a few twists and turns).

This is especially important because studies have shown that recruiters and hiring managers spend as little as six seconds reviewing resumes before moving them to the “yes” or “no” pile. Putting your qualifications right up front increases the chances that you’ll catch their eye and make the cut. It also requires you to immediately showcase the keywords related to your skills and qualifications, which could help your resume make it through the applicant tracking system to a real person’s desk.

The resume represented here is crafted for a professional writer. This job seeker has a wide variety of experience, much of it outside of her current industry. For those job experiences, she focuses on the skills she has developed that relate to the industry she is now interested in.

This resume also includes a resume summary and core competencies list to more clearly explain why, despite limited experience in the industry, the job seeker is an ideal candidate.

Professional Writer Resume Example

Katherine R. Riley

Professional Writer: Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Technical Writing, Academic Writing, Business Writing, Copywriting

Talented and versatile writer, proficient in technical communications. Successfully generated hundreds of business materials, including reports, letters, proposals, presentations, press releases, memos, reviews, and manuals. More than 10 years of experience writing creative copy for direct response markets and promotional advertising. Skillfully designed and created content for newsletters, brochures, and flyers. Authored first-rate essays and articles for publication in print and online.

Enthusiastic, creative, and customer-focused; adept at details, producing only first-rate work. Tremendous integrity and common sense.

Core Competencies:
Direct Mail, Copy Writing, Proposal Development, Presentations, Press Releases, Articles, Essays, Research, Sales Promotions, Resumes, Public Relations, Team Leadership, Editing, Entrepreneur, Lead Generation, Brochures and Newsletters, Target Marketing, Customer Service, Information Analysis, Research Reports, Client/Vendor Relations, Project Management, Print Production, Graphic Design, Database Management, Coordinating and Scheduling, Business Administration.


Bachelor of Science, Ellis College of NYIT

  • 3.6 GPA, graduated magna cum laude
  • Double major in Professional and Technical Writing, and Behavioral Sciences
  •  Minor in Business

    Associate in Arts, American Intercontinental University

  • 3.75 GPA, honors every semester
  • Concentration in Business Administration

Employment History:

Freelance Writer and Principal, 20XX - present
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Provide a wide range of writing services to various clients, businesses, publications, and websites, including: resumes and cover letters, chapter summaries, articles, writing prompts, press releases, how-to articles, and presentations.

  • Regularly work with the following websites: Writer's Village U, AcaDemon, eCopywriters, Inland Press, Creating Words,,,, oDesk, and Sandbox Advisors.

Afterschool Teacher, 20XX - 20XX
Verona Area School District
Taught multiple courses for middle school and high school students that focused on developing writing and reading skills.

  • As academic co-advisor to high school newspaper group, taught writing and editing skills and supervised student editors.

International Customer Service Manager, 20XX - 20XX
Supervised 25 customer service employees. Collaborated and communicated regularly with managers throughout the company in various departments, including production and purchasing.

  • Trained and continually instructed employees on effective oral communication skills.
  • Exceeded sales goals 90% of financial quarters during period of employment.
  • Increased employee retention by 25% during tenure through increased transparency and more effective and streamlined communication between sales and management.

Additional Experience:

  •     Advertising Director
  •     Project Manager/Editor
  •     Other experience: extensive retail and customer service experience; audio and video transcription expertise.

Certifications and Awards:

  •     National Scholars Honor Society
  •     10 Certificates of Achievement for completion of continuing education courses
  •     Over 35 Brain Bench Certifications
  •     CPRW Certification
  •     14/14 exams passed for oDesk Certifications

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