Learn About Pure Vita, a Holistic Pet Food Company

Portrait of smiling Golden Retriever who likes Pure Vita
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​Pure Vita is a natural and holistic dog food that is manufactured by Tuffy's Pet Foods Inc., a KLN Family Brands Company located in Perham, Minnesota. Launched by Darrell "Tuffy" Nelson, the KLN Family Brands Company is a family-owned company that has been around since 1947. The company began as Pine Lakes Feed, a livestock and poultry feed operation in Perham.

In 1964, Nelson and his son, Kevin, decided to cater to some furrier friends by launching a pet food line named Tuffy's. Although the two businesses might not seem related, many of the raw materials used in dog food were already being utilized at Pine Lakes Feed, so it was a natural expansion of the father-and-son team. After 39 years of producing cost-effective pet food, Tuffy’s introduced a high-end pet food called NutriSource Super Premium Pet Food. 

Experiencing success within the premium market, Tuffy’s expanded yet again in 2007 with the launch of a holistic line of pet food called Pure Vita, as well as two organic label brands—Natural Planet Organic Dog Food and Natural Planet Organic Cat Food—which debuted in 2008. Tuffy’s prides itself on using locally grown ingredients for its pet foods, which are made in its own state-of-the-art facility, and backed by extensive research and quality testing.

What Pure Vita Contains

Pure Vita pet foods all feature a single source of meat or fish protein. This system of using unique, single-source proteins is used because your little-loved ones are less likely to have allergy or intolerance issues. The protein is then blended with high-quality grains, such as brown rice, for a well-balanced diet.

Pure Vita also offers grain-free pet food options—such as salmon and peas, beef and red lentils, and turkey and sweet potato—for pets with allergies, or a gluten or grain intolerance. The labels also state that these pet foods are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO.

It should be noted that Pure Vita does contain brewer's yeast. While this is perfectly safe for both dogs and cats to eat, some animals have had allergic reactions to it.

Making the Switch to Pure Vita

For the easiest adjustment for your pet to begin eating a new food brand, mix increasing amounts of the new food with decreasing amounts of your pet’s current food over a five-day period until you are feeding only the new food, always taking into account your pet's age, activity level, and pickiness with food.

If you're nervous about feeding your picky pet new food, you shouldn't worry, because Pure Vita offers its customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you or your pet are not completely satisfied with any Pure Vita Pet Food Product, you can return the unused food for a full refund.