Answering Interview Questions About Starting a New Job

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During an interview, employers are often looking for insight about how you will adjust to a new job if hired. Employers place the highest value on candidates who will be assertive about learning the job, blend in with the team, and become productive as soon as possible.

What Do You See Yourself Doing in the First 30 Days?

An appropriate answer to this question will vary based on your position and experience level. For a manager-level position, an answer should likely include some sort of plan, where an entry-level interviewer can mention the need to gain experience and learn from colleagues.

Good responses to this type of question might include some of the following:

  • I'll spend the first month learning as much as possible and getting to know the team I'll be working with.
  • I'll work on cultivating positive relationships with co-workers.
  • I plan to come in early and stay late in order to expedite my learning.
  • I will ask my manager for suggestions of key employees to engage with.
  • I'll ask lots of questions about goals and methods.
  • I won't share my opinion until I understand what is being done and why it is being done that way.
  • I will spend time learning from as many different staff members as possible to avoid being a burden to any one individual.
  • I'll introduce myself to key partners in other departments and learn their expectations for someone in my role.
  • I will focus my interaction on staff who are positive about the company and work environment.
  • I will treat all staff with respect. I have found in the past that support staff, as well as management, have been very helpful as I adjusted to new positions.

In general, relating examples of how you adjusted quickly and effectively when starting a new job in the past can be an effective way to prove your track record of onboarding into a new company.

Use this question as an opportunity to demonstrate the research you've done on the company and the specific role—the answer for a position at a start-up company with a flat organizational structure may be very different than the response for a company governed by a top-down management. It's also appropriate to mention specific tasks or projects you'd like to accomplish and perhaps mention how you implemented similar projects at a prior position and what the result was. 

You can say, "I'd like to evaluate and potentially restructure the process for launching new products" or "I'd like to cut the time spent on busy-work projects. I'll schedule one-on-one meetings with everyone on my team, asking for feedback on which tasks they find unnecessary." Particularly for higher-level candidates, this type of answer will showcase your leadership and initiative and let interviewers know that you're eager to seize the opportunity.

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