Questions to Ask an Employer During an Interview

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Are you really interested in snagging an internship? For the past 3 months you have been working on updating your resume, creating targeted cover letters, and sending them out to as many employers as possible in your current field of interest. Then it seems like all of a sudden you get a call from 2 employers, one asking you to do a phone interview and the other asking if you can come into the office to meet face-to-face.

Wow! You are very excited about the next step in the internship process and you want to best prepare yourself to ensure success at your interview. As the interview date approaches you find yourself getting very nervous and you’re not too sure on how to conquer these fears or how to conduct a successful interview. Your fears rise from the fact that you don’t want to ruin your chances by not being prepared and then messing up the interview. 

If you’ve read any of my articles before, my recommendation for acing an interview is practice, practice, practice. It doesn’t matter if the interview is over the phone or if you’re meeting an employer face-to-face, the same strategies apply in both situations. Practicing with a family member or friend usually can help you prepared for the interview.

Calling the Career Development Office at your college and asking if you can schedule an appointment to do a mock interview, can also be quite helpful. If practicing alone, be sure that you answer sample interview questions out loud to help you better formulate your answers rather than having them just run around in your head.

So you find yourself feeling prepared as you are heading to the interview. You’re aware of offering a firm handshake, maintaining eye contact, and showing confidence by the way you present yourself and by having a genuine smile. You’ve practiced interviewing and you’ve gone over sample interview questions, including behavioral, enough to feel confident that you will do a good job.

As the interview is winding down, the employer suddenly asks if you have any questions for them. You freeze! You remember reading about the importance of having a few questions to ask during an interview but in anticipation of preparing yourself for interview questions they employer would ask, you forgot to create some questions of your own. This can be a very awkward situation if you can’t come up with at least one question. One thing you could do at this point is to quickly review what was previously discussed in the interview and ask the interviewer to provide you with a little more information on one topic you discussed.


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Why Interviewers Welcome Questions From Candidates

From an employer’s point of view, an applicant who comes in with a list of questions about the position or the employer, is someone who has the interest and motivation to learn more about the company. Having this knowledge up front can also change the course of your answers to interview questions based on knowledge you have gained about the company while doing your research.

Your questions prove to the employer that you are very interested in this internship or job. Taking the time to review the position and the company online is a good indicator of your motivation and resourcefulness when preparing for things you will encounter in an internship or job.