Should You Change Careers?

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2. How does the work you do make you feel?

5. Do you hate your job? If so, have you tried getting a new one in the same field?

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6. Do you want to leave your current career to pursue your lifelong passion?

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8. Does your current occupation make the most of your skills, training, and talents?

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Should You Change Careers?

You got: Don't Change Careers

I got Don't Change Careers. Should You Change Careers?
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There may be a few things about your current career you don't love, but you don't have to find a new one. If you are bored or aren't using your skills or education, ask your boss for more responsibilities. You may even consider looking for another job in the same field. Doing the same work in a different place of employment may turn things around.

If job prospects are poor, find out if building your skills or getting a voluntary certification will make you more marketable. Regardless of the results of this quiz, change careers if you won't be able to find a new job or if the work is too stressful.

This quiz is meant to help you make a decision, not make one for you. When your gut is telling you to move on, weigh the pros and cons of doing so. Let's say, for example, you are eager to follow your dreams of pursuing your passion, or you want to change to another field that you have carefully researched. The results you got from this quiz shouldn't dissuade you from doing that.

Should You Change Careers?

You got: Wait! Don't Change Careers Yet

I got Wait! Don't Change Careers Yet. Should You Change Careers?
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Several things may be wrong with your current career, but you can give it some time to see if they improve. Don't make a change right now unless your career is so stressful it is making you sick, or you are out of work and don't have a chance of finding a job in the same field.

There are other problems you can try to fix. For example, if you are bored with your current career or it doesn't utilize your skills, ask your boss for more responsibility. You can also consider changing jobs. If you are worried about bad job prospects, see whether building your skills or becoming certified can increase your chances of getting hired.

The purpose of this quiz is to provide help when you are trying to decide whether to change careers. Do not expect it to make the decision for you. If you want to follow your passion, for example, or switch to a career that interests you more, weigh the pros and cons of doing it even if this quiz tells you to stick with your current occupation for now. 

Should You Change Careers?

You got: Change Careers Now!

I got Change Careers Now!. Should You Change Careers?
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The results of this quiz clearly indicate that it is time for you to change careers. So many things are wrong with your current occupation, there is nothing you can do to make it better. If you already have a new occupation in mind, make sure it is suitable before you start investing your time and money preparing for it. Now is the time to start figuring out what career to choose if you don't already know what to do next. Don't forget to consider your transferable skills when making a decision. Changing your career may not require having to develop a whole new skill set.

As you start planning your transition, consider making an appointment with a career counselor or other career development professional who can provide professional guidance. This is a big decision to make and you want to lessen the odds that you will have to make another transition in the near future. Make sure the career you choose is one that is suitable for you and has a promising job outlook.