Rejection Letter

Use with the Candidate Who Is Encouraged to Apply Again

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Use a Rejection Letter

Do you need a candidate rejection letter that you can use in your organization to let candidates know that they were not selected for the job? This rejection letter tells your candidate professionally and kindly that another candidate was selected.

This is a sample letter for an applicant who is encouraged to apply again. Use this letter to mark your position as an employer of choice. Here is the sample.

Rejection Letter


Mr. John Smith

Candidate's Address

City, State, Zip Code

Dear John,

Thank you for taking the time to come into Johnson Company to interview with our employee selection team. We enjoyed meeting you and our conversations.

You have not been selected for the position, at this time. We encourage you to apply for positions, for which you qualify, with the Johnson Company in the future. While we anticipate that an individual with your qualifications will soon find employment, we want to emphasize that we would encourage your application in the future.


Handwritten Signature

Name of Employee

Title of Employee (Example: Mary James, Human Resources Director)

If you are hesitant to send a rejection letter to candidates who were not selected, keep this in mind. The rejection letter is your last opportunity to build a relationship with the candidate that will cause the candidate to think favorably of your company. You don't want to burn bridges with qualified candidates who seem to fit your culture. You know, and candidates know, that only one person is selected.

If you don't send a rejection letter, you create hesitation and uncertainty on the part of the candidate. Your reputation as an employer is affected by this candidate and the people affected by this candidate's opinions about his or her treatment at your hands.

Wouldn't you rather that your candidate felt well-treated and honestly considered with the receipt of a professional, kind rejection letter? I would.

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