Resignation Letter Sample: Employee Returning to School

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While some employees work full-time when returning to school for additional studies or to earn a degree, others cannot handle the combination of work, school, and often, family responsibilities. These employees feel that their resignation from your employment is their best option. Here is a sample resignation letter for an employee who is returning to school. Employees may use this sample letter of resignation to notify their employer of their return to school.

Resignation Letter Sample - Employee Returning to School


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Dear Name of Immediate Supervisor:

As we have discussed, I have had to make the difficult decision that I cannot continue to work as a marketing specialist while I return to school full time to earn my bachelor's degree. It would not be fair to you, as my employer, nor to my family or my studies.

Consequently, this is my letter of resignation. I plan to work until (date of employment termination). This fulfills my two weeks' noticeĀ  and allows me to concentrate on school full time when the semester begins.

Working at Company Name has provided me with many opportunities to develop my skills and career. I will miss my customers and coworkers a great deal upon my returning to school. I trust that I have contributed to the success our company is experiencing with the new product launch.

While circumstances will change over the next two years while I complete my degree, and the future is impossible to predict, I hope that I am leaving on positive terms. If all works out, I will plan to re-apply for employment with the firm after graduation.

Best wishes to you, my coworkers and Company Name for continued success and a positive future. I will miss you and think of you often.

I want to help you make the integration of a new employee go as smoothly as possible. Please let me know how I can best assist with the transition of my job and responsibilities to another employee. Please let me know what I can do.

I will miss my employment with the company and wish you all the best.


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