Resignation Letter Samples

Use These Resignation Samples As You Prepare to Resign From Your Job

Want to resign from your job? These resignation letter samples give you ideas about how to do it professionally and gracefully. How you leave a job matters to the employees you leave behind and the new colleagues you join in your new job.

You need to preserve and protect your professional reputation throughout the length of your career. How you leave a job is one aspect of employment where your actions are judged by your peers and other professionals. Found wanting and your professional reputation will suffer needlessly.

You can turn in an employment resignation letter in a way that enhances your image in the eyes of the world. These samples cover the most common reasons why an employee might decide to resign his or her employment. 

Resignation Letter Template

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Remember that your resignation letter is one of your final opportunities to leave a lasting good impression with your current employer. Don't let this positive opportunity pass you by. You never know when that positive impression will serve your best interests in the future. Use this resignation letter template to craft your own resignation letter. 

Resignation Letter For Job Growth

Of the resignation letter samples, this one emphasizes that the resigning employee has future plans for a new job. The new job will allow him or her to advance in career aspirations and develop additional job skills. This is a feel-good resignation letter.

Resignation Letter for Spouse Relocation

A spouse relocation for a new job is a common reason why an employee might turn in a resignation letter. The resignation, while sad, is not preventable. Here is a resignation letter sample to use when you must resign from your job to follow a spouse to a new location.

Resignation Letter for Returning to School

While some people work full-time when returning to school, others are fortunate to have income that allows them to return to school full-time. Or, the rigor of the course of study chosen requires full-time attendance at school. Use this resignation letter sample when you must quit your employment to return to school. 

Resignation Letter for Personal Reasons

Personal reasons are the cause of many employee resignations. If you must resign from your job, and you wish your reasons to remain private and confidential, here is a resignation letter sample for you to use. 

Resignation Letter for a New Job

Use this resignation letter sample to turn in to your employer when you have accepted a new job opportunity. 

Resignation Letter for No Reason

Use simple resignation letter samples that you can use for any reason, at any time, to resign from your job.

Resignation Letter for an Opportunity to Better Use Job Skills

Interested in seeing a resignation letter sample that allows you to resign professionally from your job without burning any bridges?Customize this resignation letter sample to match your individual situation when you resign from your job.

Resignation Letter for When You Are Happy to Resign

Sometimes your resignation brings you a sigh of relief. Don't blow possible future opportunities, though, with a negative resignation letter. Keep your resignation letter positive and upbeat. Don't leave a negative impression in your permanent personnel file. You can resign from your job in a positive manner. Resist the temptation to send a resignation letter that says, "I'm outta here!" You never know who will read resignation letters in the future -- or what that might mean for you.

Resignation Letter to Become a Stay-at-Home Mom

Here's a sample resignation letter from an employee who has decided to become a stay-at-home mom for the first few years of her child's life. The employee is leaving on cordial terms and wants to cement a positive relationship for the future. She eventually plans to return to the job market.