Resume for Business and Economics Internships

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If you're looking into moving into business and economics after graduation, it's essential that you have completed internships. The industry is highly competitive and many students apply for entry-level jobs with two or even three internships on their resume, so to be considered for a role, you'll need similar experience.

Writing a Resume Without Work Experience

Writing a business and economics internship resume can feel overwhelming when you don't have significant work experience, but you have a wealth of information to include instead. Your resume is an opportunity to highlight exceptional coursework, membership in student clubs or professional organizations and any volunteer activities. Particularly in this field, if you started a business or launched a blog, those are perfect items to emphasize in your resume; those are achievements not many students will have done, so it will set you apart from the rest.


A strong business and economics resume highlights both coursework for students and relevant business and economic experience. Many college courses include real-world case studies and require professional presentations be made to the community and corporate executives. These presentations and contacts can help flesh out your application, highlighting your presentation abilities and the strength of your own professional network

Below is a sample template you can use to begin drafting your own business and economics internship resume. While this is a solid guide, you should customize it to match your needs, experience, and personality. Remain results-oriented throughout, highlighting what you've accomplished rather than rehashing a list of tasks. Focusing on the outcomes acts to emphasize your business mindset and helps the hiring manager visualize her on her team. 

Sample Business and Economics Internship Resume (Text Only)

Sandy Chu
20 Thistle Rd, Greenwich, CT 08630
Phone: 203-477-4657

Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT, May 20XX
Bachelor of Arts Degree; Double Major: Economics and Management and Business
Cumulative GPA: 3.6

Greenwich High School, Greenwich, CT, June 20XX
Cumulative GPA: 3.89

Honors & Awards
Highest Honors, Fall 20XX – 20XX
Member of the National Honor Society, 20XX
Doeng Athletics Scholarship, 20XX
Rotary Scholarship, 20XX

Relevant Coursework

Introduction to Business Management, Advertising 101, Marketing 101, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting I

Relevant Experience
Management & Business course, Management & Business Department, Fall 20XX

  • Created business plan for improvement and expansion of Kellogg’s Company
  • Allocated resources for proposed plans and composed financial data to be included in final reports
  • Designed and presented a five-year plan for Kellogg’s Company to peers, faculty, and executive management team

Intern, Management Creative Solutions (MCS), Greenwich, CT, Summer 20XX

  • Analyzed monthly/annual work order totals from reports and reported results to management
  • Wrote, edited, and formatted annual Facilities Management Work Order Report
  • Updated Management Realty Services Grant proposal for 20XX; secured $100,000 for MCS
  • Populated SPSS with survey data and developed future projections from findings

Additional Experience

Tutor, North Street Elementary School, Greenwich, CT, October 20XX – May 20XX

  • Tutored elementary school children of various ages in math and biology

Coach, Greenwich Basketball Association, Greenwich, CT, Fall 20XX – Spring 20XX 

Co-Curricular Activities
Middlebury College Alpine Ski Team, 20XX
Collegian Regional Basketball Tournament, 20XX
Middlebury Running Club, 20XX - 20XX
Middlebury Outdoors Club, 2007-2008 

Habitat for Humanity, 20XX – 20XX
Make a Wish Foundation, 20XX – 20XX