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Good Customer Service but a Resume That Didn’t Meet Our Expectations

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Our Take

ResumeGo is an affordable professional resume writing service for job seekers of all levels and experiences. The company’s writers are responsive, timely, and thorough, and produce keyword-optimized resumes. Customers should thoroughly proofread their resumes to make sure information is correct and formatted appropriately. 

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  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
Pros & Cons
  • Unlimited revisions for 14 days

  • Diligent, responsive writer

  • Draft delivered on time

  • Skills area contained strong keywords

  • Resume Experience section was one of the strongest we’ve seen

  • Design and format made reading the resume difficult

  • Training section wasn’t highlighted and not totally truthful

  • Education section was poorly formatted

Key Takeaways
  • Money-back guarantee plus 14 days of unlimited revisions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Our writer showed higher-level knowledge of resume writing by including a Headline element
  • Our writer sent our resume earlier than expected
  • Some plans offer LinkedIn profile writing services

If you’re looking for work and need a professional resume, it might seem overwhelming to put your faith in a paid resume writing service, especially if you have to pay upfront. But it’s not unusual. In fact, all of the resume writing services we reviewed required payment before they started to work on our example resumes. Many of them even offer guaranteed satisfaction or landing more interviews or job offers. 

But how do you know if these guarantees will come to fruition, especially when it comes to finding a rewarding job?

We tasked ResumeGo to produce a resume that would make good on their money-back satisfaction guarantee. The resume writing service boldly guarantees on their website that its team of certified resume writers has a track record of producing resumes that ensures more job offers. We wanted to see what kind of resume they would write by sending them a below-par resume for a Materials Manager. 

ResumeGo exceeded our expectations in terms of customer service but the price was a bit high and the resume we received wasn’t quite the quality we had hoped for.

How It Works

  • The first step in our review process was to sign up for the service and select a package.

Like other resume writing services we reviewed, we used our credit card to pay in advance for the service. We opted for the Premium package, which costs $199, and we received an automated response a day later telling us that the company received our payment and welcomed us as a consumer.

  • We filled out a questionnaire and uploaded our resume.

The next step was to fill out a short questionnaire and upload our resume to ResumeGo’s website. This was an easy process. The questionnaire was brief, whereas other resume writing services asked extensive questions.

  • We were matched with an expert resume writer.

ResumeGo assigned us a resume writer. A phone call was available free of charge but we decided to correspond through email instead. Our resume writer was accommodating and enthusiastic and the process went smoothly.

  • We received the first draft one day after our planned date.

We decided to start revisions to our resume a week after initial contact. Our writer sent us a draft in advance of the agreed-upon start date, and we were pleased that our writer wanted to finish the project as soon as possible. When we asked how many revisions we would receive, our writer told us we were granted unlimited revisions for up to 14 days. This is in accordance with the policy stated on ResumeGo’s website.

Resume Quality: Design and Formatting Was Difficult to Read and Content Didn’t Meet All Our Expectations

When assessing the quality of the resume our writer produced, we looked at design, format, and content. While the resume’s design and format should be easy to read and appealing to the eye, the content of the resume matters most. For content we critiqued the following sections:

  • Summary statement: This should be brief, yet it should show the value a candidate would offer an employer.
  • Skills: These should be listed in a way that’s easy to spot and are relevant to the industry.
  • Experience: This is the most important part of the resume, and it’s where the accomplishments need to stand out.
  • Education: This should stand as its own section, and a traditional format is preferred.
  • Training: This should also stand alone and should include all the courses our candidate studied, along with their completion date.

Design and Format

Our resume writer used a Cambria font, but the 10.5 font size made it difficult to read. In addition, Cambria is a serif font, which is outdated by today’s resume standards. A more suitable font and size would have been Calibri at size 12. Additionally, the headers were written with Cambria and although there is a debate as to whether headers should be in a different font or not, we were fine with the same one as long as they were larger and bolded.

To keep our two-page resume to one page, our resume writer not only used a small font, they used half-inch margins all around. The spacing between bullet points was also too small, making them harder to read.

If our resume writer used the suggested 12-point font size and one-inch margins, our resume would have been a page and a half. This is a perfectly acceptable resume length for a candidate like we’re using in our example, someone with 15 years of experience.


Very few of the resume writers we reviewed included a headline above the Summary, but ours did. This shows an advanced knowledge of resume writing. They listed a title, Senior Operations Leader, and three areas of expertise, Operations Management, Transformational Leadership, and Team Development.

The resume Summary should be brief—about three to four lines—yet still demonstrate the concrete value our candidate would deliver to employers. The Summary our resume writer wrote was originally five lines long, but we asked them to shorten it and remove some of the cliches. Although the final version still contained some, they didn’t violate the cliché rule as much as other resume writers we used.

Also important in a Summary are strong, industry-related keywords that would help our candidate’s resume pass the applicant tracking system (ATS). A strong Summary should also include an accomplishment that briefly describes how a candidate will improve productivity by utilizing change management, for example. Our writer did an excellent job with this. Overall, this was one of the strongest Summaries we received.


In terms of formatting, our resume writer presented a readable Skills area, although with not as much white space between the lines as we’d prefer. This was likely due to them wanting to keep the resume to one page. Another problem we noticed immediately was the lack of detail our writer showed by repeating one of the skills. They quickly corrected this when we brought it to their attention.

ResumeGo states on its website that your “resume is passed through our own hiring software to guarantee success.” This refers to the resume passing applicant tracking systems, which scan resumes for keywords before sending them to hiring managers for their review. This is why, in part, the Skills area initially included 15 industry-related skills. The final version was reduced to 12 skills, as three of them were not as relevant as the others.

Our resume writer decided to place some of the skills we had in our original Skills section throughout the whole resume. This had its benefits, as our writer was able to list additional industry-related skills in this section. However, our writer neglected to include three important skills on our candidate’s original resume, which would have made this section stronger.


A solid Experience section leads with a brief job scope that summarizes a candidate’s overall responsibilities for the position. The job scope is written in paragraph format and should be no longer than three or four lines. Ideally, following the job scope would be accomplishments in a bulleted format. 

Our resume writer presented in their first draft a job scope that was six lines long, which indicated that they felt some of the duties were specific enough to be listed as accomplishments. When we suggested that two of the overall duties should be considered accomplishments and it was up to them to ask questions that would help turn the duties into accomplishments, they were able to achieve this.

What’s most important about the Experience section is that it sells the candidate’s accomplishments by quantifying them with numbers, dollars, or percentages. Our resume writer was able to successfully do this, and all the accomplishments had positive, quantified results.


The Education section didn’t impress us as much as some of the others. Our resume writer listed our candidate’s Education on one line to save space and keep the resume to one page. They didn’t indicate which of the five University of Massachusetts campuses our candidate attended, centered the information poorly, and didn’t indicate that the candidate was in the process of obtaining a master’s degree.

What they sent looked like this:

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Minor: Urban Spatial Development, University of Massachusetts. Management, Lesley University

It should have looked like our preferred way, which includes the major and university/location on two separate lines:

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Minor in Urban Spatial Development

Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

Coursework toward a Master’s of Business

This was not a deal-breaker, but most resumes have the degree listed below the university. The writer from ResumeGo was not unlike other writers we encountered, who wrote the Education section on one line in order to save space.


Of all the resume sections, this was the most poorly written. The information was bunched together in order to keep the resume to one page. In doing so, our resume writer deemphasized the training our candidate had completed. Our candidate engaged in a six-week training program by completing 10 courses, which was noted on the resume we submitted. Training of this type is extensive and can explain a gap in employment. This fact was lost on our resume writer.

The first draft we received had the Training section placed on the bottom with no dates of attendance. When we asked our writer to highlight the training, they didn’t comply with our suggestion. Furthermore, our candidate was in the process of getting his Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt with an anticipated date of certification in December 2020. Our writer indicated that he had achieved the certification, which was inaccurate.

These types of inaccuracies and lack of attention to detail was a little concerning.

Resume Writer Certifications

ResumeGo states on its website that its team “consists of certified resume writers and career coaches, current and former recruiters, and specialists who focus on individual industries.” The Resume Writers tab on their website provides more information on each writer's certifications and education.

It’s also stated that each writer has written hundreds of resumes and that only the top 3% of writers who apply to the service are hired. There’s no way to verify this, so potential clients will have to take ResumeGo’s word for it.

Guarantees: Unlimited Revisions for 14 Days

ResumeGo has one of the best guarantees of the services we reviewed. It offers unlimited revisions for 14 days plus a money-back guarantee if its clients are unsatisfied with their resume.

What is not clear is what constitutes “unsatisfied.” Does it mean the client feels the resume is poorly written? Or does it mean the client hasn’t received a job offer after a year? This piece is a little hazy, and if you’re interested in using this service, we suggest that you get clarification before you sign up.

Samples and Testimonials: Scant on the Resume Samples and Testimonials

ResumeGo has three before-and-after samples of resumes on its website, whereas one resume service we reviewed listed 25 resumes consisting of various industries. The samples were similar in format and looked similar to the resume our writer produced. This made us wonder if ResumeGo’s resume writers use a template instead of using their own format to write resumes.

We were disappointed to see that ResumeGo shows only five testimonials on its website. Testimonials are often positive and unreliable, but we reviewed other resume services that displayed many more reviews as well as samples. This made us wonder if ResumeGo’s clients weren’t willing to write testimonials for the resume writing service, or if the service didn’t make an effort to ask for them.

Available Plans and Pricing: The Lowest Price on the Market

ResumeGo offers three plans for different job-search levels and needs.

  Premium: $199 Professional: $249 Executive: $399
Professionally Written
Scientifically Formatted
Unlimited Revisions
Data Driven
Money-back Guarantee
Keyword Optimized
Industry Specific  
Management Inspection  
Free LinkedIn Profile  
Cover Letter    
Thank You Letter    

The Competition: ResumeGo vs. iHire

We compared ResumeGo to one of its competitors, iHire. It ultimately comes down to resume quality, and we felt ResumeGo’s writer produced a stronger Summary than iHire’s. However, the Skills area goes to iHire for its industry-related words and cleaner formatting.

As mentioned earlier, the Experience section is the most essential one on a resume. ResumeGo’s writer produced slightly better accomplishments primarily because they were more diligent in asking questions that drew out the quantified results. ResumeGo wrote disappointing Education and Training sections, but the writer did make sure to note our candidate’s minor in Urban Spatial Development, unlike other resume writers we reviewed. Overall, however, the resume iHire produced was slightly better than ResumeGo’s.

Customer service and price are also important, especially if clients are in a hurry to send out their resume. This is where ResumeGo is really superior to iHire. Our writer from ResumeGo delivered the first draft before we expected and they quickly returned edits. The same could not be said about iHire. Additionally, when we initially asked our iHire resume writer if they would communicate with us via email, they wrote back to us 10 days later asking us to fill out the eight-page questionnaire. ResumeGo’s writer was more accommodating in terms of the process and they immediately agreed to our preferred form of communication.

Finally, ResumeGo wins with its price. Although $199 is more than other resume writers charge, it was $196 less than iHire’s for a comparable package.

Although iHire’s resume was slightly better, ResumeGo came through with better customer service and pricing, making it a better choice for potential clients.

Final Verdict

Outstanding Customer Service, Resumé Below Our Expectations

ResumeGo delivered outstanding customer service. Our resume writer provided a draft earlier than expected and showed determination and a desire to complete the project as quickly as possible. Our correspondence with them was exactly what we expected. Our writer was quick to ask questions that led to above-par accomplishment statements.

However, the Education and Training sections were less than stellar and the final draft of the Summary was only adequate. The Skills and Experience sections were equally as strong as other resume writing services, so they don’t stand out over the competition in that capacity.

Overall, while the resume didn’t entirely meet all our expectations, it was a good value, even if some areas need improvement.