Read a Review of Mastering Influence by Anthony Robbins

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‚ÄčAnthony Robbins is known around the world for his motivational and inspirational seminars and multi-media products. Part of his success comes directly from his ability to influence others. This ability gives him the skills to influence others to make positive changes in their lives. While his skills of influence may be certain, does he have the ability to teach others, most specifically those in sales, to increase their influence skills?

While most of Robbins' products are geared towards those wanting to make changes in their lives, "Mastering Influence" is geared directly towards those in sales who want to increase their effectiveness. It contains Robbins' sales techniques, delivered via recorded live seminars.

Those familiar with Robbins' work will recognize several of his sales techniques as iterations of Robbins' other works and may find that how he spins these into sales as powerful and poignant. Those who are new to Robbins and his work will find a wealth of valuable sales skills that are simple to learn but challenging to apply and master.

Audio Quality and Narrator

As stated above, the majority of the content on each of the 12 audio discs was pulled from past live seminars. The recording quality is fair at best, as most of these recordings were done early in Robbins' public speaking career. While the quality may not be "studio quality," it doesn't take away from the overall message.

What does take away from the message is the narrator. Robbins begins the introduction and lays out the 10-day course objectives on disc 1, then hands off to a guest narrator.

The narration does nothing to add to the program. In fact, the narrator subtracts from the program's value and is often more of an annoyance than anything. Getting through all 12 of the discs may be challenging for some and impossible for others due to the narration.

The content presented on the discs are useful but the method employed by the narrator to reinforce the content falls very short. If you can capture the content delivered by Robbins and overlook the narration, this course may prove to be of value for those getting into sales or those seeking to improve their sales skills.

Sales Methods

Sales is all about emotions. Try making a sale using little emotion and your chances for success are slight. Try closing a sale to a prospect who has no emotional attachment to what you are selling and your chances are even lower. In "Mastering Influence," Robbins presents his sales system that is focused on building and transferring emotion. He does this by several methods, some of which are highly effective.

Most of this program was adapted from the book "Power of Influence" by Robert Cialdini. The book, "Power of Influence," is a very scientific look into the psychology of influence and how people are swayed to do or to not do a specific thing. Robbins' draws heavily from the experimental findings presented by Cialdini and turns his findings into sales techniques.

There is no denying that the concepts presented by Cialdini are powerful and Robbins' does a very good job at turning scientific data into powerful sales tools.

Reading the book by Cialdini should be mandatory reading for all who are in sales or are interested in starting a career in sales. For those who do read the book and recognize the sales advantages contained in it, Robbins' course may be the perfect medium for turning a science book into a sales book.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Despite the somewhat poor audio quality and much less than effective narration, "Mastering Influence" is a solid sales course that will certainly increase your effectiveness in sales. However, while the ability to influence others is critically important, customers today are suspicious of any talk track that sounds like old-school selling. With this in mind, this and any sales course should be filtered as if through the mind of a customer.

The cost of this program is quite high when compared to several other sales courses, so the final decision about whether to purchase or not comes down to your budget. Buying the Cialdini book should be your first purchase. Based on how much you feel that the findings in that book will positively affect your selling skills, should also be a factor in your decision.

All in all, I give "Mastering Influence" 3-Stars. It certainly presents some powerful and effective sales tools though the delivery method is lacking. If the cost was half of what the course currently sells for at the time of this article, I would suggest it for purchase. In the end, it comes down to your budget and whether or not you find Cialdini's book useful or not.