A Review of Sumopaint Free Photo and Image Editor

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In today's digital world with its endless hunger for content, there's a great demand for images that require some form of manipulation or enhancement. The unfortunate thing is, image-editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom are complicated and expensive, and with so many digital image editors, how do you know if you even want to buy one?

Solution: before buying, try out free ones first to get a feel for what image editors can do. Many of the free photo editor programs will have scaled-down options but will have the basics—enough to help you get a feel for the editing software in general.

Using Sumopaint to Paint and Edit Photos

Sumopaint is a free, online, feature-rich paint tool and photo manipulation application. It's not just a tool, however; it boasts an impressive online art community of over 4 million unique users from 200 countries. The primary purpose of the community is "to create, share, remix, explore, comment, rate and fave the artwork of its members."

If you can't afford Photoshop (or find it overwhelming) or some other high-end purchased application like Adobe Creative Suites, we strongly recommend you consider trying Sumopaint. It's powerful, free, and easy to master.

Sumopaint's Main Features

There are plenty of the standard, basic image editing tools in Sumopaint's free version, plus many fun and wacky paint tool features.

Using a menu bar similar to Photoshop's, you'll find the familiar blur, smudge, gradient fill, line tools, and clone options, and more. But you'll also get other cool features, including a bulky star tool and symmetry and custom shape tools.

Sumo's text tool (for adding text to images) is so simple to use, it makes you wonder why other programs often lack this in this area of software development.

Sumopaint's online community of artists is active and easy to navigate. Just as you typically experience on Flikr.com, Sumopaint community participants are willing to view work and offer feedback.

Added Features and Perks

You can open files from your computer, Sumopaint, or from a URL. If you purchase the pro version, you can download Sumo to your computer and work offline.

Sumopaint has recently added some fun filter features, including a kaleidoscope, wavelab, triangle pattern, liquid wave, spherical and cylindrical mapping, and a camouflage filter.

Unlike Photoshop, Sumopaint features are incredibly simple to implement with one click; you instantly see the results for the entire image, rather than just a small sample preview.

You can also send and receive messages to others in the Sumopaint community.

One thing that sets this free application apart from some of the other free image editors: You can edit pixels using Sumopaint.

Ease of Use/Sumopaint's User Interface

Sumopaint's user interface is top-notch; it's easy to use and navigate and contains comprehensive tools you wouldn't expect to find for free. Its tools are so simple to use, you may find you don't even need a lot of help.

Sumopaint also offers a ton of free image editing tools, and the makers provide in-depth information on what their tools are and how they work. Their explanation of commonly used tools is easy to understand and contains graphics to illustrate points. Anyone scratching their head about the other image editors' blur and smudge tools should read Sumopaint's explanations.

Sumopaint Pro Features

Sumopaint Pro can currently be purchased for $19.00 per year. Compared to Flikr.com and Picnik.com, the pricing is not only cheaper, but you get a lot more with Sumopaint Pro:

  • License to download Sumopaint Pro (which you can use locally on your computer or via a browser)
  • Commercial use of both offline and online applications
  • Sell your artwork and earn money
  • Free updates for Sumopaint Pro and other future tools
  • Discount on Sumopaint products and services
  • Increased commission for content sales
  • Sumopaint Pro settings and statistics

There are no significant drawbacks to report on using either the free version of Sumopaint or the $19.00 version of Sumopaint Pro.