Rod Powers

U.S. Military
Air Force NCO Academy, Community College of the Air Force




Rod Powers is a former writer for The Balance Careers covering the United States Military. He used his 22 years of enlisted service as a base of knowledge to produce 1,330 articles on many aspects of military life, including requirements for entry, different jobs and career paths within various military branches, basic training, military history, and several other related topics.

He also authored several books, including "​ASVAB for Dummies," "Barrons' Officer Candidate School Tests," "Veterans Benefits for Dummies," "ASVAB AFQT for Dummies," "Basic Training for Dummies," and "1,001 ASVAB Practice Questions for Dummies." 

Powers had been stationed or deployed to several bases around the world during his 22 years of service, before retiring as an E-8, First Sergeant. 


Rod Powers was a distinguished graduate of the Air Force NCO Academy, Senior NCO Academy, and the Air Force First Sergeant Academy. He had a degree in personnel administration from the Community College of the Air Force.