Sample Resumes

Sample Resumes Offer Tips & Techniques for Writing a Great Resume

Always focus your resume on what you think the employer wants to know. If you have completed specific coursework or received awards in your field, completed internships or volunteer experiences related to your job interests, be sure to include them at the top of your resume. Resume writing is a skill and an art. The skill is in putting together a cohesive document and the art is revising it to meet the needs and expectations of each employer that you send it to.

Finance Resume

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A well-crafted finance resume is the ultimate business resume. Most financial insitutions want to know the type of experience each candidate has prior to hiring them on as an intern or employee.

Unless the job entails answering the phones and filing, most interns in financial offices must possess a certain level of expertise and experience. Being able to illustrate that in an organized manner on a resume, is a good first step in being considered for an internship or job.

Marketing Resume

Those interested in marketing positions must be able to show their communication, creativity, interpersonal, and organizational skills in a resume. Strong computer and writing skills are also necessary for marketing professionals today.

An uncanny ability to establish and maintain excellent personal relationships are also requirements of a good marketing professional as well as the ability to cope with pressure, maintain flexibility, and use good judgment. All of these traits should somehow be apparent in a good, well-crafted resume.

Education Resume

There are many things that can be included on an education resume. Student teaching experience, education intern at a museum, camp counselor, tutor, peer mentor, residential life assistant, house counselor, babysitter, nanny, sailing or ski instructor, coach, etc., are all good examples of typical experiences of those interested in the field of education.

Focusing an education resume on experiences where you have provided some kind of skill, mentoring, or support to others is always appreciated by employers looking to hire those in education. The important thing is being able to document the use of good communication and interpersonal skills in teaching and supporting others in an environment that is focused on learning.

Art Resume

Your art resume may include specific coursework in art, exhibitions, awards, internships, and volunteer experiences. Teaching art to children in a museum or classroom setting also provides excellent experience in teaching your skills as well as a nice addition to your resume.

Working at a local museum or in an art studio at your college can also be added to your resume. Art comes in many forms and being able to illustrate your specific talent and how you share it, can make for a very effective art resume.

Music Business Resume

Since the music industry is so competitive, applicants need to create a strong, targeted resume to help them stand out above competitors.  In addition to musical talents and interests, those who become successful in the music business also possess excellent social and communication skills, motivation, and high energy to keep up with the competition and the ability to survive in the industry.