Sample Summer Job Thank-You Letter

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Summer jobs can be hard to come by, depending upon where you live. If you’ve been talented, ambitious, and fortunate enough to be hired for the summer by an employer, at the end of the season you need to write a thank you-letter for the opportunity. This is a matter of more than good manners – leaving on a positive note will help to ensure that your employer will provide a good job reference for you if called upon to do so.

In this thank-you letter, you should also express your hope that your employer will consider you for seasonal work in the future. No one can predict what their local job market will look like in nine or twelve months. Even if you *think* you have no desire to work there ever again, it is prudent to keep your options open in case you find yourself in need of a summer job in the future.

Below you’ll find an example of a thank-you letter example designed to thank your employer after completing a summer job (with hopes of working there again). You can use this sample as a model for your own letter, tailoring it to reflect your own individual circumstances.

What to Include in a Summer Job Thank-You Letter

Before you begin to write your summer job thank-you letter, sit down and think about the things you appreciated and / or enjoyed about the job. Were there fellow employees who were helpful and fun to be around? Were you challenged (in a good way) by your daily work tasks? Were you impressed by your employer’s work climate, business mission, or success in providing excellent customer service to their clients?

Once you’ve listed a few things that you enjoyed about the job, be sure to include mention of these in your note. Remember, too, that this letter needs to be positive and upbeat – if you had grievances about the job, this is not the place to air them.

If applicable, you may also use your thank-you letter to ask if the employer would be willing to serve as a professional reference for you in the future. This is a particularly smart thing to do if the summer job is in any way related to your future career goals (for example, a camp counselor who wants to be a teacher should definitely ask the camp for a referral, since the summer experience involved working with children).

Be sure to include your contact information (email and phone number) so that your summer employer knows where to reach you if future job openings arise or if they receive requests for referrals from hiring committees you may apply to after graduation.

Sample Summer Job Thank-You Letter

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Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work as a summer counselor at Sunshine Camp for Kids this summer. I worked with some excellent fellow counselors and met some amazing children.

As a supervisor, your constant assistance and advice were invaluable. I always felt I could turn to you if I had any questions or concerns.

Once again, thank you for such an amazing opportunity. This job has only increased my desire to work with children and pursue a career in education. I am already counting down the days until next summer, and hope I can serve Sunshine Camp as a camp counselor once more!


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Tips for Writing Thank-You Letters

Even after your days as a seasonal / summer employee are over, you’ll find that the ability to write employment-related thank-you letters will be an essential professional skill that you will need on frequent occasions. After you complete a personal interview for your first full-time job, you’ll need to pen a thank-you letter (here are some tips for writing, timing, proofing, and sending individual and group job interview letters).

The same holds true for when you’ve been given an internship opportunity, an informational interview, or even assistance on a project from a colleague or supervisor – these thank you-letter samples demonstrate the many instances in the business world where it is considered good form to write a formal expression of your gratitude.