Sample Thank-You Letters for Team Members

Image shows a desk with a computer, a notebook, a cup with pens, and also a bouquet of flowers over a note that reads "thank you for your hard work!"

Theresa Chiechi / The Balance 

Do you see the efforts of a team and want to encourage and congratulate the members? What's the best way to thank your team for a job well done? You can use these sample thank-you emails and letters for inspiration on how to formally thank a team member in writing.

Sending thank you letters is an effective way to raise team morale and encourage strong and consistent ownership of new and continuing projects. Especially when your company doesn’t have the resources to award raises or promotions for excellent performance, the formal extension of a simple “thank you” note of sincere praise and gratitude can do wonders in heightening a team member’s confidence and level of job satisfaction.

Happy employees who feel noticed and appreciated are productive employees, and this contributes to an upbeat and positive company culture.

Review examples of thank you emails and notes for team members, tips for what to write, and the best way to send your message.

What to Include in Your Thank-You Note

Be specific about the project, and each individual’s contribution. Especially if the employees aren’t direct reports, mention what made them stand out, and be sure to copy their supervisor as well. 

Offer encouragement for continued hard work, and your belief in their ability to continue to succeed in the future. Express your appreciation and faith in their talents.

In your note to the supervisor, you should praise by name any individuals on the project who really impressed you, as well as your appreciation for his or her management of the overall team.

Personalize Your Thank-You Notes

You should modify these notes to fit the specific project, task, and team composition. Be sure to provide descriptions of the specific contributions you are most impressed by—doing so provides valuable feedback about his or her work performance to an employee. It also inspires them to own and take pride in the particular skills and actions that have contributed to solid project outcomes.

Sending personal notes to each individual is the ideal strategy, as well as a general note of thanks to the overall team.

Team Thank-You Note and Email Examples

Use the following thank you notes as a starting point for your own correspondence. There are samples for a team member who is working hard, for a team member who is doing a great job, and a thank you for a team leader.

Sample Thank-You Letter for Team Member Doing Hard Work

Subject: Thank You for Your Hard Work

Dear Malcolm,

I really appreciate the effort you have put in on your team's current project. Our deadlines for this project have been challenging yet critical.

I know you have been putting in a lot of extra time, above and beyond the call of duty, and this has truly helped to ensure that we meet our benchmarks in a timely fashion. I'm so happy to see your hard work resulting in such success!

You are doing a great job contributing your talents and skills to the team. I'm looking forward to seeing the direction in which you are going to take your upcoming projects.



Sample Thank-You Letter for Team Member for a Great Job

Subject: Thank You for a Great Job

Dear Mackenzie,

I wanted to drop you a note to express my personal gratitude for the effort and extra time you put into the [insert name of] assignment.

There were several points where your excellent problem-solving skills and creativity allowed us to swiftly resolve issues that might have easily escalated into roadblocks. You have done wonderful work in contributing your talents and skills to the project. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can achieve in the future.



Sample Thank-You Letter for a Team Leader

Subject: Thank You

Dear Malia,

I really appreciate the effort you have put in leading your team's current project. I know you have been putting in a lot of extra time, and you are truly inspiring and getting the most out of the skills and talents of your team members. A number of them have expressed to me their gratitude for the one-on-one guidance and support you’ve provided them, particularly as deadlines loom.

I’ve been analyzing your project’s benchmarks, and it’s clear that your great work is paying off in tangible results. I'm so happy to see your leadership yielding such success!

You’ve really proven your mettle as a very talented team leader, and I'm looking forward to seeing the direction in which you are going to take your upcoming projects.



How to Send Your Note or Letter

You can send the notes via email or as a card or letter. If the person or team you are congratulating are not your direct reports, be sure to copy the team's or individual's supervisor as well so that the recipient knows that their good work is being noticed by management.