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Company Description:

Users of Scribie upload audio files of phone calls, interviews, podcasts, videos, webinars, dictation, etc., to be transcribed by the company’s global team of freelance transcriptionists. See full list of home-based transcription opportunities

Types of Work-at-Home Opportunities at Scribie:

Scribie contracts with work-at-home transcriptionists, transcription reviewers and proofreaders. Customers’ audio files are divided into 6-minute segments. Transcriptionists listen to the segments and transcribe. Reviewers then check the work of the transcribers, listening to the audio and reading the text. An experienced transcriber can become a reviewer and then a self-reviewer who checks their own work. Turnaround time (TAT) for these audio segments is two hours. Proofreaders, which are drawn from the ranks the best transcribers and reviewers, look over the final product with all the segments put together.

How Scribie Works:

After being accepted as a transcriber, you can login and select any files, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Assignments must be submitted within the 2-hours turnaround time window (though 1-hour extension is permitted).

All work is graded on a 5-point scale, with 5 being excellent and 1 poor. After 10 transcripts with an average grade above 2.75, you may be promoted as a reviewer. Next you can be promoted to self-reviewer after 10 review submissions with an average grade above 3.25. As a self-reviewer you can select the same file for transcription and review, effectively doubling your payment rate. If your average grade falls below 2.75, you will not be able to select any assignments, but you can still accrue referral and affiliate commissions.

Pay and Benefits:

All Scribie’s transcribers, reviewers and proofreaders are hired as independent contractors. This means there are no benefits and no guarantee of minimum wage. Read more about how and what data entry companies pay.

Payment is $10 per audio hour for transcribers and reviewers. Audio hour means the minutes of the actual recorded audio, not the time it takes to review or transcribe it. So, one 6-minute segment is worth $1. Scribie says the average time it takes for one 6-minute audio file is 18 minutes, making the average hourly rate just over $3/hour. However, there is a $10 bonus, paid monthly, for every 3 audio hours submitted and there are opportunities for commissions based on referrals of customers and other transcribers.

Payment is through PayPal account only. Payments for completed and reviewed work are immediately credited to your Scribie account and can be transferred to your PayPal account at any time, though there is a penalty for withdrawing from an account with less than $30.

Qualifications and Requirements:

The main qualification for this work-at-home job is acceptably transcribing a test file. In order to do that you will need a fast typing speed, good listening and comprehension skills in English, including American, British, Australian and Indian accented English.

As an independent contractor you will have to supply your own equipment and supplies. You will need a computer, Internet connection, headset, Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browser, and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player . Downloading the free software ExpressScribe or other transcription software is helpful.

A verified PayPal account (linked to a bank account or credit card) is required for payment. Because it uses PayPal only for payment, it can only hire those in supported by Paypal. Other than that there are no residency requirements. Scribie uses transcribers from around the world with the most coming from (in order) United States, Philippines, India, Canada and United Kingdom.

Applying to Scribie:

First submit an application from the Apply tab on the Scribie website then confirm your email address. Although applications will be accepted or rejected within one business day, if accepted you will be put on a waiting list to take the application test. The estimated waiting period is little over a year. When contacted for the test, you will create an account, log in and choose from a list of files to transcribe. After transcribing the file, your submission will be reviewed, and you will either be accepted as a transcriber (and paid for the test file) or rejected.

If rejected, you may submit again. The maximum number of attempts is 10.

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