How to Set Your Sights on an Audacious Goal

Put aside taking care of everyone and take care of you

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Working moms can easily lose who they are as a person in all of the hustle and bustle of taking care of others or striving to reach corporate goals. 

It can be tiring work and may bring about burn out. However, when you set personal audacious goals it focuses your attention on you and boosts your mommy energy.

So if you are feeling a bit lost it’s time to set your sights on some audacious goals. The definition of audacious means "very confident and daring; very bold and surprising or shocking; courageous." So to that end, the more audacious your goal is, the more enticing it’ll be for you to pursue. You could have a goal of wanting to lose weight, but making it audacious means being more specific — as in, you want to lose 50 pounds. Thinking big and allowing yourself to get excited is the important thing.

Now it’s time to get to work. Here are some tips to start creating your most audacious goals.

How to Create Your Goals

Start by giving yourself time to think about what you’d like to accomplish in the next six months. A lot can happen in 180 days! To avoid writer’s block don't cram your brainstorming into one sitting. Set a deadline and give yourself one week to think. 

To keep audacious goal setting at the forefront of your mind, set reminders on post-it notes or alarms on your phone. Schedule quick walks during your work hours with the intention to think about your audacious goal. Use your commute to and from work, too, and record your thoughts in a voice memo you can listen to later.

Understand Why Your Goal Is Important

Once you think of an audacious goal declare why it’s important to you. This definition comes into play when you need motivation to keep going. So fill in the blank, “When I complete this goal I’ll feel happy because…”

Daydream about what life would be like after you reach this audacious goal. 

Let’s say you want a fancy car to drive you and your family across the country. Fully emerge yourself into a vision of sitting in the car and smelling that new car smell. Dream about being comfortable in finding what you need because you packed so well and there’s plenty of room to reach around back and find what you need. Think about all the sights you’d see and how excited your husband and children would be. 

So when your daydream starts to end, stay in it for just a little bit longer. 

This may take some pushing because again, it’s very easy for working moms to always be “on” and take care of everyone, but being in this dream is a way of taking care of your needs so stay in the dream for as long as you can.

Start Reaching for Your Goals

Next, break down the goal into small specific small chunks. Start taking baby steps.

For example, let’s say one of your personal values is family and a priority of yours is to be extremely organized at home. This goal is large and can include many small tasks. Chopping the goal into small bite-size pieces makes the goal easier to attain. 

You could start by focusing on one room at a time and asking, “How can I make this room more efficient for me and my family in the morning so our exit strategy runs smoothly?” or “What can I put into place so that when we come home everything is put in its place.

Make every day count by completing a small chunk of your goal (remember you have 180 days!). Either when you wake for the day or before you go to bed at night think about what you could do the next day to get you one step closer to your goal. Small chunks make goals more doable and not as overwhelming. 

Figuring out what you want to accomplish sets the tone for the day because you know what you want to accomplish. Planning helps avoid that feeling that you are running around with your head cut off (sound familiar?).

You have a sense of direction, a mission, and when a small goal is completed you get a sense of satisfaction.

Remember Your Audacious Goal

Working moms have a hectic and busy lifestyle, but setting an audacious goal is a time saver. When you know what you want to get done you use less of your time and energy on unimportant things. Time is not wasted. 

Make hitting your audacious goal part of your self-care regime because taking care of your wants and desires will make you a happier working mom.​