The Best Side Hustles and Summer Jobs for Teachers

A teacher holds one of her young students.
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School’s out for summer, and for most teachers that means a nice 10-week break. But rather than staying idle or traveling the world, many teachers want to make some extra money while they’re off-duty from teaching.

The good news is that as a teacher, you have a unique set of skills that lend itself to getting some great side hustles and jobs — both during the summer and in any spare time you might have during the school year. Wondering where to start? If you’re looking to earn more money this summer, here are the perfect opportunities for you.

1. Tutor

You’re already great at educating. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, you can take your skills and move from teaching a classroom full of kids to taking your teaching one-on-one as a tutor. Some students need additional help over the summer, and you’re the perfect person to help. Choose a specific subject and area of expertise and get started.

You can let your local community know you are available. You can also use sites like to get started. As a tutor, you get to set your own rates, and you can make up to $40 per hour or more.

2. Camp Counselor

One job that is always a favorite of the summer is the role of camp counselor. Since kids are out of school and parents are at work, camps are full during the summer. You can utilize your skills with kids to become a camp counselor. As a bonus, you’ll probably get to go on fun field trips and adventures. The key is to apply early so you have something lined up when camp starts in the summer. Check out your local YMCA and other community organizations to see if there are openings.

Though being a camp counselor could be fun, the one downside is that the pay may not be great. You may start out at minimum wage or slightly above, though you may be able to command more given your experience. 

3. Tour Guide

If you want a break from working with kids, but still want to work with people, being a tour guide could be a good fit for you. As a tour guide, you can show tourists around your lovely city and get to experience where you live with fresh new eyes. Being a tour guide is a great way to get paid to talk, exercise, see your city and meet new people.

To get started with this job, look up local tour companies to check for opportunities. As a tour guide, you can make between $9 and $20+ per hour, with the possibility of earning more because of tips.

4. Freelance Writer

As a teacher, you have to go to the classroom day in and day out. During the summer, you might just want to stay at home and be able to stay put. One good side hustle to do that is freelance writing. Teachers make good freelance writers as they have the education and skills to write effectively.

To get started, choose a niche. It could even be education! You can get started by applying for jobs on, finding work on and more. Doing this side hustle, you can stand to earn between $15 to several thousand dollars, depending on the piece and type of content.

5. Babysitter

One of the most flexible side hustles teachers can do is babysitting. You can still get a dose of children, but this time on your terms. You could do a Friday night here, a Saturday night there, and still have plenty of time to rest, relax and recharge before the school year.

In order to get started with this side hustle, begin with your local community. Tell your friends and neighbors that you’d be happy to help with babysitting duties. On top of that, you can also use a site like to get started. How much you can earn as a babysitter depends on location, duties, etc. but you could earn $12 to $16 per hour or more.

6. Online Teacher

You’re a pro in the classroom, but did you know that you can also leverage your teaching skills online — and make good money? It’s true. There are so many ways that you can use the internet to educate others.

For example, you could create a course on or a teach a class on You can also look for other remote teaching opportunities that give you the option to teach online from the comfort of your own home. How much you can earn depends on the platform and the subject matter, but you could earn between hundreds or thousands of dollars each month.

7. Brand Ambassador

As a teacher, you have a knack for explaining things. Why not leverage that skill and earn money as a brand ambassador? As a brand ambassador, you will work at public events like concerts, sporting events, festivals and more and serve as the on-site face of the company. You will be explaining the latest product or promotion and interact with the public, giving them freebies and coupons. This side hustle is great for teachers as it offers flexibility and a change of scenery.

To get started, join Facebook groups such as “Brand Ambassadors of [Your City]” to look for the latest gigs posted by marketing companies. You can also check out Craigslist for local opportunities.

As a brand ambassador, you can typically make between $17 to $25 per hour. Gigs can be several hours up to several days long. You might even bring home some free swag.