Tips for Using to Job Search

Simply Hired is a free job search engine (and mobile app) that provides a lot of the information you'll need, like details on your local job market and salary calculators, to make a sound career move. Like other job search engines, Simply Hired aggregates job posting from all over the internet. 

If you know exactly what kind of job you are looking for, you can search by typing in a specific keyword(s) and location into the appropriate field. Or, if you are not quite sure what you want to do, you can search by category, browse jobs by title, or look for a position at a specific company.

You can also search for a job by location or industry. Or, if you already have a job and are curious how it compares to other available positions (in terms of salary and responsibilities) then Simply Hired will guide you through the job market in order to secure that information.

If you find that you enjoy the interface on Simply Hired, you can create an account. That way, you can stay up-to-date on new positions posted that are relevant to your experience. And, you can upload your resume, which may make it easier to apply for jobs. 

Simply Hired Local Job Search

One of the benefits of Simply Hired is that it allows you to narrow your focus. You can search all the available jobs in your local area simply by inputting your zip code. The website then provides you with data about your local job market as well as other statistics. By using this tool, you are able to get details about your area's employment and economic statistics and plot your current salary against local and national averages. 

The website also boasts a robust "telecommute" search engine option so you can find work posted on job boards that feature home office positions. The telecommute feature also connects you to various company websites and other sources with remote positions.

You Can View Your LinkedIn and Facebook Connections on Simply Hired

The job search engine is also very social media friendly. 

You can connect from a job listing directly to your LinkedIn network in order to find out if the company you're interested in has any employees in your network. Additionally, by clicking on the "Who Do I Know" button at the top of the search results, you get an inline view of your connections without having to leave Simply Hired.

Another popular feature is Simply Hired's Facebook application, which allows you to view job openings at your friends' places of employment. This way you can send direct messages to your friends to see if they can help you with their job search.

Make Your Job Search International

If you're interested in working outside of the United States, Simply Hired's international job search engine includes listings that are aggregated from the leading job boards, content websites, newspapers, organizations, and company career pages from around the world.

Simply Salary

If you're curious about what your new job will pay, or how your current income stacks up against the competition, you can access Simply Hired's salary calculator. All you'll have to do is enter the job title and location and you'll immediately be able to view all the salary data. 

Looking for Other Ways to Search for Jobs? 

Of course, Simply Hired is not the only job search engine. Here's our list of the best job search engines. And, don't forget to include job boards in your job search as well (here's more information on the difference between job boards and job search engines).

Keep in mind that job search engines are just one way to find a position. In fact, 60 percent of jobs come through networking. So, make sure you also spend time making connections (both online, through sites like LinkedIn, and face-to-face, through informational interviews, networking events, and career fairs). Let your network of friends, former colleagues, and work-related acquaintances know that you're on the hunt for a new position. That way, people will reach out to you with opportunities. 

While is a helpful resource, it should be just one of many tools in your toolbox for finding a new job.