Tips for Using Snag (formerly SnagaJob) to Job Search

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Are you looking for a part-time or hourly job? Check out Snag (formerly Snagajob), the largest job site for part-time and hourly job openings with over a million active job listings, 90 million registered workers, and 450,000 employer locations.

There are job listings from major national and local employers in restaurants, retail, office administration, hotel and hospitality, healthcare, construction, automotive, sales, marketing, health, beauty, education, and more. There are shift jobs, entry-level jobs, student jobs, seasonal jobs, and teen jobs, among many other job types.

Learn how to take advantage of everything Snag has to offer, so that you can find the part-time job (or jobs) for you.

Tips for Using Snag to Job Search

Create a profile. It is very easy to join Snag and create a profile. All you need to do is fill out a one-page questionnaire. Once you complete your profile and are registered, you’ll be able to apply for jobs easily, using information from your profile.

By creating a profile, employers will also be able to find you, and you’ll be able to sign up for notifications for appropriate jobs as they are posted in your area. You’ll be able to save jobs and job searches so that you can go back to them later. You'll also have access to career training and education opportunities and tips and videos from Snag's job search experts.

Narrow down your job search. Users can search job listings on Snag by keyword and location. They can then narrow down their job search by distance, industry, and company. You can also search by category, which includes job types such as shift work, bilingual jobs, full-time or part-time jobs, seasonal work, veteran jobs, teen job opportunities, and more. Student users can also search for positions near their colleges.

Apply with one click. If you create a profile, you can apply for jobs with one easy click, using the “1-Click Apply” button. Snag will send your profile to the employer instead of an application. You'll have a chance to review your profile before it's sent to the employer. This button saves you lots of time.

Set up job alerts. If you are a member, you can set up job alerts to have new job postings in your zip code emailed to you as soon as they are listed.

Use Snag’s other resources. There are many resources available to job seekers on the Snag website besides just job postings – and all of them are free. You’ll find articles about trends in hiring, career paths, and how to maintain a work/life balance.

There are also sections which offer tips on preparing your application and resume, interviewing, and networking. You’ll also find useful articles about employment news and success stories from other hourly workers. The site also has videos on similar topics.

Use their apps. Snag has apps available for both iOS and Android. You'll be able to search for jobs on your mobile device and use the "1-Click Apply" button to send in your application to employers.

Work for Snag. Interested in working for Snag? Snag hires employees for a variety of positions in their offices in Virginia through their website.

Snagajob for Employers

Snag offers a variety of benefits to employers, including immediate access to over 90 million job seekers with an average of over three years of experience in their industry. When you post a job, the registered users have instant access to your posting. Those who receive notifications will be contacted, and you can begin searching qualified profiles.

Employers can review applicants, schedule interviews, and hire candidates through their Snag accounts. Snag offers a variety of resources, including infographics, paperless onboarding, best hiring practices, and information on how to engage the workforce. Tools are available to assist employers with training workers, scheduling employee coverage, and evaluating performance. Pricing varies with services.

Snagajob Security

While Snag maintains tight security for its users, it is important for any job seeker to be aware of possible scams in employment.

Snag wants to make sure your job search is secure, and you’ll find advice about passwords, public access, phishing, malware, and work-from-home scams to help you make safe decisions. You’ll also find information on how to report a scam.