Stewart Smith

Stew Smith
••• US Military Writer.

Stewart Smith is the Military expert for The Balance with over eight years of military experience as a Naval Officer and over 20 years of freelance writing experience. Stew Smith currently has published twelve books on military fitness training and has over 1000 articles on and more than 100 podcasts on iTunes and GooglePlay - Tactical Fitness Report. 


Stew Smith graduated the US Naval Academy in 1991 and SEAL training immediately after and spent almost 8 years in the SEAL Teams. He is still also a coach / instructor at the Naval Academy having finishing up his short Naval career back at the Naval Academy as the SEAL mentor / recruiter.

After time in the Navy, Stew Smith was more involved in technical writing for a few security consulting firms, but eventually moved to writing full-time as a self-employed freelance writer on the topic of Tactical Fitness.  Tactical Fitness is a relatively new genre that involves the physical training programming for military, special ops, law enforcement, and fire fighting professions.

Stew is on the editorial staff of the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Journal operated by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  He also speaks at a Tactical Strength and Conditioning conferences.

In daily writings, Stew often has to not only assist with the physical standards people are seeking to join the military, but also the administrative challenges of being in the military.  From recruiting to retirement and the jobs and life in between, Stew Smith covers it for The Balance. 


US Naval Academy - BS Political Science / Russian Language

US Naval Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL Training - Class Leader 182

National Strength and Conditioning Association - CSCS