Can You Make Money Stuffing Envelopes From Home?

Stuff envelopes scam
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Absolutely not. This is a work-at-home scam! You cannot make money stuffing envelopes from home. Period. And be very wary of anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. In fact be wary of those that tell you it is a scam and then proceed to try to lure you in with the "one" way you can make money this way.

Consider the logic of it. Machines are far much more efficient at stuffing envelopes than people in the first place, but add to that the cost and time involved in mailing work to and from the envelope stuffers. It just doesn't make sense. And this is always one of my first questions when it comes to spotting work at home scams: Does it make sense?

This type of scam is very similar to home assembly,in which people are mailed work to assemble and then return it back to the company. Again, does it make sense? Most of the time machines do assembly, but when people are needed for assembly, it is done in a factory. Particularly in the age of globalization, what company would find it cheaper to mail assembly work to its workers than to simply have the work done in a region where labor costs are low?

How This Scam Works

A person answers an ad for envelope stuffing by paying a fee for something—the materials, opportunity, kit, security deposit, etc. (The excuse for the fee varies.) Assuming the person ever receive anything, which is a generous assumption, he or she then assembles or stuffs as instructed. The person then sends the work back, expecting payment. Yet the company deems the work—no matter how perfect—not up to its "standards." The clause saying work must meet company standards is in the information packet, but the standards are never spelled out.

Another possible way for this scam to work is to offer bonuses for signing up other envelop stuffers. This added element is typical of a pyramid scheme, and since there is no real income to be earned in the first place, it will collapse like all pyramid schemes.

The good news on envelope stuffing scams, perhaps a bit more than home assembly scams, is that people are getting wise to them. You probably suspected it was a scam in the first place when you clicked on this article. And you were right.

So now that you know all about envelope-stuffing scams learn about other common scams designed to ensnare the person who wants to work at home such as:

If you want to work at home, be very careful as you evaluate home-based opportunities. Remember the less skill a job takes (envelop stuffing takes none) the less it will pay. If you are just starting out and don't have a lot of experience, you will have to build up some to earn more money at home.