Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Drill and Marching

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During the first couple of weeks of Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT), you'll spend several hours on the drill pad with your T.I. learning how to perform military drill. Drill consists of certain movements by which a military unit is moved in an orderly manner from one formation to another or from one place to another.

You'll learn how to march in formation together, how to change direction at the same time, how to start at the same time, how to stop at the same time, etc. Everywhere you and your flight go in basic training, you'll march in formation. Everywhere!

Drill teaches you not only to perform as a team but helps your flight get ready to look good during the final graduation parade. Somewhere in the middle of basic training, your T.I. will probably teach you some marching "jodies." A jodie is kind of a marching song. Below are a couple of examples of common Air Force jodies:


When my granny was 91
She did PT just for fun

When my granny was 92
She did PT better than you

When my granny was 93
She did PT better than me

When my granny was 94
She ran 2 miles and ran 10 more

When my granny was 95
She did PT to stay alive

When my granny was 96
She did PT just for kicks

When my granny was 97
She up and died and double-timed to heaven

She met St. Peter at the pearly gates
Said to St. Peter "Sorry I'm late"

St. Peter said with a big white grin
Drop down granny and give me ten


Jody Jody look and see
Look what the Air Force done to me

Tried to give me Navy blues

But I don't need those tattoos
Tried to give me Army greens

But I don't need that Army scene
Tried to make me a marine

If I were that I think I'd scream
Issued me Air Force blues

Now I'm Air Force through and through

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