Extra Recruit Duties During Air Force Basic Training

Drill Sergeant Illustration
••• larryrains / Getty Images

Around the time your Training Instructor is selecting recruit leaders in Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT), other duties will be assigned. Your T.I. may ask for volunteers for these extra duties, or he/she may simply point at you and give you the job. While much of basic is "individual effort," a significant amount is "team effort." Some of the duties that will be passed out are:


These are the folks who get to gather everyone's dirty clothes, launder them, then return them to the owner.

House Mouse

Schedules people for Dorm Guard (standing at the door and not letting anyone without proper ID in.)

Latrine Queen

In charge of making sure the bathroom is spotless.

Bowling Team

Cleans the bathroom, led by the LQ.

Dayroom Team

Cleans the dayroom, where the T.I. holds meetings and training sessions with the flight.

Bed Aligners

Makes sure each row of beds is in PERFECT alignment.

Shoe Aligners

Aligns ALL the shoes (which are under the beds) to make sure they are in a perfect line.

Chow Runner

Gets to announce that your flight is ready to enter the dining hall. Not a fun one. 

Road Guards

Then there are "Road Guards." Road Guards get to wear orange vests, carry colored flashlights and have the job of stopping traffic every time the flight crosses an intersection. If you're selected as a "Road Guard," you'll get plenty of exercise running from the rear of the flight back to the front after each intersection. If you're having trouble with your physical fitness, T.I.s find this an ideal position to help you get into shape.

Dorm Guard Monitor

Makes and maintains the dorm guard schedule. Not a fun job to have. Everyone will hate you, and accuse you of "playing favorites," and will be after you all the time to change the schedule, to give them a better shift.