Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Basic Training Ribbons

You'll receive two ribbons to wear on your Air Force uniform, just for graduating Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT).

National Defense Service Medal. The National Defense Service Medal is awarded to all military members who perform honorable active duty service during time periods designated by the President. Since 9/11, this medal has been awarded to all who serve on active duty.

Air Force Training Ribbon. The Air Force Training Ribbon is awarded to airmen who graduate from Air Force basic training after August 14, 1974.

In addition to the two "automatic" awards, there are two additional ribbons you can earn during Air Force basic training:

Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon. You'll be entitled to wear the Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon on your uniform if you are selected as a honor graduate.

Small Arms Marksmanship Ribbon. You earn the Small Arms Marksmanship Ribbon if you qualify as "expert" with the M-16 rifle on the basic training firing range. To qualify as an "expert," you must hit the target 35 times out of 40 rounds.

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