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Company Description:

The well-known tutoring company Sylvan Learning Centers provides tutoring services for pre-K through 12th-grade students in the United States, Canada, and several other countries worldwide. The company has a business model of individually owned franchises or learning centers. And while most of the tutoring positions at these centers are for in-home (as in the student's home) tutors, there are some online, or home-based, tutoring jobs available from individual Sylvan franchises as well as some home-based corporate jobs.

Types of Work-at-Home Positions at Sylvan:

The individual centers that offer online tutoring hire home-based tutors to provide it. However, these jobs are still location-based, meaning you must live in the area where the hiring center is located, be hired through that location, and probably work on-site as well as off-site. Sylvan's instructors trained are trained in its curriculum and provide individual instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills and test preparation for college entrance (SAT/ACT) and state exams. Remote instruction is done using VOIP and chat in an online classroom platform. Instructors are typically not responsible for grading and assessment.

At one time, there was a corporate online tutoring division called eSylvan, but that is no longer a functional unit. So for those seeking work-at-home tutoring positions as Sylvan, getting hired by a local center is the way to start.

In addition to the Sylvan franchises, the corporate office also hires for some virtual positions. The position of “virtual director of education” is a home-based corporate job with Sylvan in which the part-time employee acts as a liaison with the student’s parents and classroom teachers for the Sylvan curriculum in order to “ensure the quality of the education standards and teaching staff as well as grow the business.” Must have experience working in a Sylvan Learning Center for these jobs.

Part-time enrollment specialists, which is essentially a sales position, can be done from home. These specialists take inbound calls from potential clients and call current ones for re-enrollment. 


Bachelor's degree is required for tutors. However, depending on the center and the type of tutoring, teaching experience, certification and master's degree may be required as well. New tutors are trained in the curriculum and procedures at a local center.

Applying to Sylvan:

Use the Sylvan website to access both the corporate jobs and to follow links to locate individual franchises in your area that may be hiring. In addition to the United States and Canada, there are Sylvan franchises in the Bahamas, Bahrain, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

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