Technology Careers

Major tech companies are famous for their big salaries and generous benefits. Learn how to have a successful career in the tech sector, with insights on education, interview questions, and more.
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The 7 Fastest-Growing Tech Jobs
Computer programmers using GitHub
What Is GitHub?
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Leading Information Security Organizations You Can Join
Your Ultimate Guide to Technical Certifications
The Benefits of Nearshore IT Outsourcing for Your Company
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Learn the Benefits and Advantages of Server Virtualization
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How Open-Source Software Works
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What Are Computer Forensics Jobs?
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What is Information Technology Infrastructure Library?
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Top 7 Big Data Jobs
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How Starting a Blog Can Benefit Your Career
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Formatting Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Top Notch
Job interview
10 Tips for Attracting Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Profile
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Crafting a Freelancer Resume
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What to Avoid in Your Resignation Letter
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Find a Tech Job Online With These Search Engines
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How Do I Respond When I Get a Job Offer Letter?
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10 Illegal Interview Questions You Thought Were Harmless
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Top 12 Job Interview Tips and Tricks
Job interview for a position found using LinkedIn
8 Tips for Optimizing LinkedIn in Your Job Search
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Best Places to Find Freelance Work Online of 2022
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Why Tech Jobs Use Phone Interviews
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18 Programmers You Should Follow on Twitter
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How to Create Project-Based Resumes for Tech Contractors
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CV Example for Technical Academics and Professors
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Popular Job Boards for Finding "Green Technology" Openings
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Downloadable Job Offer Letter Sample
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Resume Sample for a PMP Certified Project Manager
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How to Format Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) With These Examples
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Here is an Example of a Good Software Engineer Resume
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Some Sample Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview
Writing an email response to a job posting.
Sell Yourself With Your Email Response to a Job Posting
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Tips and Tricks for Writing Technical Resumes
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Top Success Factors During a Job Interview
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Use These Tips to Write a Perfect Cover Letter for an Entry Level Job
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Cover Letter Central: Guidelines, Template and More to Nail That Job
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What Are the Right-to-Work Laws and Where Do They Apply?
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Learn How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Software Developer
A Hand written thank you note sent after an interview.
Post-Interview Thank You Letter Examples
Man Writing Letter of reference for a laid off technical writer.
How Do I Write a Positive Reference Letter for a Technical Writer?
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Landing a Job at Uber—And We Don't Mean Driving
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10 of the Most Demanding Jobs in Tech
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Make Sure You Know the Pros and Cons of Working at a Startup Company
10 Tech Careers That Don't Involve Coding
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Learn About Growing Jobs in Tech, Such as Quality Assurance
IT Programmer
Computer Systems Administrator Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
The Skills You Need to Be a Back-End Developer
Web Designer
Web Design vs. Web Development: What is the Difference?
Happy Employees
What It's Like to Work at Netflix
Front-End Developers working in office
Discover the Core Skills You Need to Master as a Front-End Developer
airport security
How to Find a Job Working in Airport Security
Image shows a man in front of a bunch of machinery and circuits. He is compiling a report on his laptop. Text reads: "A day in the life of a systems engineer: perform routine systems and software audits; check existing systems and suggest improvements; manage and monitor LAN or WAN network services; receive and relay information to and from stakeholders; median annual salary: $114,600"
Systems Engineer Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Google Bike
Company Profile and Job Information for Google
Programmer in a small office
Learn About Being Computer Engineer and What Skills You Need to Have
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About Front-End vs. Back-End vs. Full-Stack Web Development
computer hardware
10 Of The Top Paying Tech Careers Right Now
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Emerson: Company Profile
Los Angeles Exteriors And Landmarks - 2017
Yahoo Profile - History of Yahoo - Working at Yahoo
Security Concept
Cyber Intelligence Analyst Career Overview
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Jobs in Tech: Information Systems Security Manager