Thank You Letters

You should always follow up with a thank you letter or email. Use these job search tips and resources to write effective thank you letters for job interviews and career help.
Types of thank you notes
Thank-You Note and Email Message Examples
This illustration is about why you should send a thank-you letter after you didn't get the job. It shows good grace, offers a chance to build your network, creates a path to future job opportunities, and is an opportunity to ask for a critique of your interview skills.
Why Should I Follow Up After Being Rejected for a Job?
Title reads: "Tips for writing a thank-you note." There are four icons with captions. The icons are a hand tapping on a watch, two hands holding a heart, a man writing a letter thinking about a girl, and a piece of paper that says "thank yoo." Captions below read: "send it as soon as possible; be positive and sincere; make it personal; proofread carefully before sending"
Thank-You Letter Samples and Writing Tips
Woman writing a thank you email message on a laptop
Business Thank-You Email Examples and Writing Tips
Interview Thank You Letters
Sample Thank-You Letter to Send After a Job Interview
Thank you email
Thank-You Email and Letter Samples for Job Interviews
Woman working on a laptop
Sample Email Reference Thank-You Letter
Business woman working on desk
10 Things Not to Include in an Interview Thank-You Letter
thank you written in calligraphy next to pen
Here Are Some Great Business Thank-You Letter Examples
woman writing handwritten note at desk
Here Are Some Helpful Tips for Writing Business Thank You Notes
Thank you with coffee and keyboard
How to Write a Thank-you Note for an Introduction
Thank You For Your Time
Guidelines for Writing Great Thank-You Letters
person laying on their stomach typing on laptop in a white room
Thank-You Notes That Will Help You Get the Job
This illustration is a thank you letter for references and recommendations
Best Ways to Say Thank You for Job References and Recommendations
Person leaving a group interview
Here Are Tips How to Write a Thank-You Letter to Prospective Employees
Phrases to say thank you
Use These Phrases to Write a Perfect Thank-You Note
How to write an interview thank-you email
Best Job Interview Thank-You Email Examples and Tips
Businessman using laptop
Sample Thank You Letters and Emails for a Job Offer
a woman holding a card with a message, THANK YOU, written on it.
Job Interview Thank-You Letter Template
Image shows a hand writing a thank-you note. Text reads: "Tips for writing a follow-up letter or email: include anything you forgot to mention in your interview, express your enthusiasm for the job, edit your work thoroughly."
Sample Thank You Letter to Follow Up on a Job Interview
This illustration lists the essentials of the internship thank-you letter including "Be genuine," "Send either a handwritten note or an email," "Writing a thank-you note shows appreciation, continues the relationship, and could even result in a full-time opportunity," "Thank everyone who helped you," "Don't ask for a job outright," "Include specifics about helpful experiences," and "Provide contact information."
Thank-You Letter Sample to Send After Completing an Internship
Thank You with Pen
How to Format an Interview Thank-You Letter
Thank You
Examples of the Best Thank-You Letters and Email Messages
This illustration offers closing options for thank-you letters including "Sincerely," "With gratitude," "Best regards," "Many thanks," "With thanks and appreciation," and "Thank you for your consideration."
Top Tips for Graciously Ending a Thank-You Note or Email
thank you greeting card
Tips for Writing a Letter of Appreciation
Young administrative assistant in the office
Thank You Letter Example for an Administrative Interview
Team interviewing candidate for a job
Thank You Letter Sample for Group Interview Follow Up
Intern leaving job interview
Here Are Some Great Sample Internship Interview Thank-You Letters
Woman typing on laptop
Here Is a Sample Thank-You Letter to Use for a Networking Contact
Senior businesswoman greeting colleagues during conference
Thank Someone for a Introduction With This Sample Letter
Mature woman writing letter
Sample Letter to Thank Those Who Have Helped Your Career
Man working on laptop
Sample Thank You Letters for Help During Your Job Search
Woman typing on computer in coffee shop
Professional Thank-You Letter Examples and Writing Tips
social worker meeting a client
Example Thank You Letter for a Social Work Job Interview and Tips
Teacher watching students using laptops in classroom
Sample Letter to Say Thank You for a Summer Job