Thank You Letters

You should always follow up with a thank you letter or email. Use these job search tips and resources to write effective thank you letters for job interviews and career help.
Informational interview
How to Write a Thank-You Letter After an Informational Interview
Types of thank you notes
Thank-You Note and Email Message Examples
This illustration is about why you should send a thank-you letter after you didn't get the job. It shows good grace, offers a chance to build your network, creates a path to future job opportunities, and is an opportunity to ask for a critique of your interview skills.
Why Should I Follow Up After Being Rejected for a Job?
Title reads: "Tips for writing a thank-you note." There are four icons with captions. The icons are a hand tapping on a watch, two hands holding a heart, a man writing a letter thinking about a girl, and a piece of paper that says "thank yoo." Captions below read: "send it as soon as possible; be positive and sincere; make it personal; proofread carefully before sending"
Thank-You Letter Samples and Writing Tips
Woman writing a thank you email message on a laptop
Business Thank-You Email Examples and Writing Tips
Sample Thank-You Letter to Send After a Job Interview
Thank you email
Thank-You Email and Letter Samples for Job Interviews
Woman working on a laptop
Sample Email Reference Thank-You Letter
Business woman working on desk
10 Things Not to Include in an Interview Thank-You Letter
thank you written in calligraphy next to pen
Here Are Some Great Business Thank-You Letter Examples
woman writing handwritten note at desk
Here Are Some Helpful Tips for Writing Business Thank You Notes
Thank you with coffee and keyboard
How to Write a Thank-you Note for an Introduction
Thank You For Your Time
Guidelines for Writing Great Thank-You Letters
Business thank you note with pen
Customize Your Business Thank-you Letter With This Sample
Man writing a thank you note
Thank-You Notes That Will Help You Get the Job
This illustration is a thank you letter for references and recommendations
Best Ways to Say Thank You for Job References and Recommendations
Person leaving a group interview
Here Are Tips How to Write a Thank-You Letter to Prospective Employees
Phrases to say thank you
Use These Phrases to Write a Perfect Thank-You Note
How to write an interview thank-you email
Best Job Interview-Thank You Email Examples and Tips
Businessman using laptop
Sample Thank You Letters and Emails for a Job Offer
a woman holding a card with a message, THANK YOU, written on it.
Job Interview Thank-You Letter Template
Image shows a hand writing a thank-you note. Text reads: "Tips for writing a follow-up letter or email: include anything you forgot to mention in your interview, express your enthusiasm for the job, edit your work thoroughly."
Sample Thank You Letter to Follow Up on a Job Interview
Businessman taking notes at computer in office
What to Include in an Interview Follow-Up Letter
This illustration lists the essentials of the internship thank-you letter including "Be genuine," "Send either a handwritten note or an email," "Writing a thank-you note shows appreciation, continues the relationship, and could even result in a full-time opportunity," "Thank everyone who helped you," "Don't ask for a job outright," "Include specifics about helpful experiences," and "Provide contact information."
Thank-You Letter Sample to Send After Completing an Internship
Thank You with Pen
How to Format an Interview Thank-You Letter
Thank You
Examples of the Best Thank-You Letters and Email Messages
This illustration offers closing options for thank-you letters including "Sincerely," "With gratitude," "Best regards," "Many thanks," "With thanks and appreciation," and "Thank you for your consideration."
Top Tips for Graciously Ending a Thank-You Note or Email
thank you greeting card
Tips for Writing a Letter of Appreciation
Young administrative assistant in the office
Thank You Letter Example for an Administrative Interview
Team interviewing candidate for a job
Thank You Letter Sample for Group Interview Follow Up
Intern leaving job interview
Here Are Some Great Sample Internship Interview Thank-You Letters
People on phones with social media icon chalkboard
Here Is a Sample Thank-You Letter to Use for a Networking Contact
Senior businesswoman greeting colleagues during conference
Thank Someone for a Introduction With This Sample Letter
Mature woman writing letter
Here Is a Sample Letter to Thank Those Who Have Helped Your Career
Man working on laptop
Sample Thank You Letters for Help During Your Job Search
Businessman interviews potential employee
Sample Thank-You Note That Provides Additional Information
Woman typing on computer in coffee shop
Professional Thank-You Letter Examples and Writing Tips
social worker meeting a client
Example Thank You Letter for a Social Work Job Interview and Tips
person with letter
Thank You Letter Example for an Entry-Level Job Interview
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Sample Letter to Say Thank You for a Summer Job