Best Sites to Post a Resume or Candidate Profile Online

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While it’s important to know the best places for job seekers to find job listings online, it’s also critical for candidates to know where to post their resumes. Employers look for potential hires in various places on the internet, from their own corporate websites to niche job search sites. Learn where they’re looking, and you’ll know where to create your online profile for maximum exposure and opportunity.

Top 8 Places to Post a Resume or Candidate Profile Online

1. The websites of target employers: Identify your ideal employers and make sure they know that you have an interest in working for them. Many employers will have candidates register with them and either upload a resume or complete a profile. Apply for any job appropriate for your background even if the position is a reach. The employer might keep your resume on file and search through their candidate database when other vacancies arise.

2. Your college’s career office: College career centers aren't just for students and recent grads. Many career offices provide services for alumni regardless of when they graduated, so don't think you have been out of school too long to use this resource. Alumni employers often recruit via their career offices first or post jobs on their schools’ LinkedIn Group Jobs pages, before they post jobs online elsewhere. So, if you are a college grad, getting your resume posted on your college/university site is definitely worthwhile.

3. LinkedIn: This professional networking site has become the preferred tool for recruiters and employers to find candidates for their vacancies. Not only do employers now post vacancies on the site, but they also pay LinkedIn to search through the database to identify outstanding candidates to fill their vacancies. Employers use LinkedIn to identify passive candidates who may not be actively applying for jobs. Make sure take full advantage of the site by completing a robust profile, securing endorsements and recommendations, uploading your resume and incorporating work samples.

4. Indeed: This site is best known for being the most widely utilized website for employers to post jobs and for candidates to access listings. Since the site attracts so many job seekers, large numbers of employers now also search the database of registrants to identify candidates who might not have applied for any of their open positions. Indeed also offers tools to help you upload your current resume or create a new version of your resume.

5. Your Professional Association: Most professional associations offer career services and provide excellent networking opportunities to their registered members. Many association websites include a database of members where they can post a resume or profile that can be searched by employers. Associations are particularly useful for freelancers and independent contributors looking to find a lawyer, accountant, etc.

6​. Niche Websites: Job websites specific to your profession or industry are an excellent source for employers to identify candidates for specific openings in specialized fields. Review the best websites for your field and upload your resume on several sites. Examples include Dice for information technology, OneWire for finance,, and TalentZoo for advertising, marketing, and creative jobs.

7. Monster: Monster is one of the oldest and largest players in the employment field. Candidates can upload a resume and thousands of employers can search for talent that meets their requirements.

8. Employment Agencies: Look for highly rated agencies [JL1] with expertise in your field. Carefully evaluate the reviews for agencies before registering. Ask your professional contacts for recommendations. Don’t rely exclusively on an agency to do the work for you.

How to Post Your Resume Safely

Keep Your Search Confidential. It's a good idea to post your resume to at least some of the sites on the list. The more places your resume is posted, the more exposure you will have, which will increase your chances of getting noticed by an employer. That said, if you are currently employed, be careful. To keep your job search confidential, don’t use your work email address, network, or computer to conduct your search. Also, be careful where you post your resume and how you update your social media profiles. Make sure your current employer can’t see that you’re looking for a new job.

Don’t Pay for Services. Most job search sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, and Indeed do not charge you to post your resume on their websites. Typically, you should not have to pay to gain online exposure on legitimate job sites. Save your money and stick to these free but popular job sites.

Proceed With Caution. While it is typically helpful to gain online exposure during your job search, you also want to be careful about where you post and to whom you respond. Craigslist, for example, is a very popular site for classified ads with plenty of job listings. However, since employers can post jobs anonymously, you do not always know who is doing the hiring.

How to Remove Your Resume From the Internet

Once you aren't actively job searching, you may want to remove your resume from the internet. Here's how to take it down and what to do if you can't remember where you posted it.