Theater Curriculum Vitae Example

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The following is an example of an international curriculum vitae (CV) for a theater professional.

International Theater Curriculum Vitae

Name: Judy Tan
Race: Chinese
Ethnic Group: Teochew
Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin, some local dialects
Education: Bachelor of Arts (English Language Studies/Drama Studies) University of Queensland, Australia, ABRSM Music Theory Grade 3 and 5
Telephone: +1111111111
Email Address:

Performing History

19XX – 19XX

Took courses in Theatre Studies and Drama at Victoria Community College, including Shakespeare Today, Set and Sound, and Community Theater.

  • Assistant stage manager in production under Dramaplus Arts, script by Jonathon Lim and directed by Roger Jenkins.

20XX – 20XX

Majored in Drama Studies at University of Queensland, taking courses in Theater Survey, Performance Concepts, Advanced Acting and Scene Study, and more.

  • Received Martin Mahy Award for Excellence in Drama Studies, 20XX.
  • Co-wrote and performed in an award-winning University production about Pauline Hanson's political campaign.
  • Scripted and directed a 20-minute play about genetic engineering for University's genetic engineering international conference.
  • Enrolled in physical theatre course held by ZenZenZo, a Brisbane local physical theatre troupe, which bases its performance techniques on the Japanese art form, Butoh.
  • Trained in vocal and speech techniques, based on Linklater’s studies on voice production and linguistics.

    20XX – 20XX

    Employed as performing artiste in Singapore Armed Forces, Music and Drama Company (SAF MDC), contributing as dancer, actor, anchor host, drama i/c, director, and drama instructor.

    • As anchor host, hosted multiple events, including the Second Annual International Counter-Terrorism Conference, with a 1000+ audience.
    • Co-wrote dozens of shows, skits, and hosting material.
    • Supervised all junior artistes, developing and leading orientation and various training sessions for dozens of new performers.
    • Simultaneously freelanced outside of MDC as host, singer, dancer, and actress.


    • Guest-starred in TCS 5's drama series "Lifeline."
    • Performed in "A Little Night Of Drama" at the Inauguration Ceremony for the opening of the New Drama Center, directed by Goh Boon Teck, Toy Factory Productions Ltd.
    • Performed as one of the 'ChioBus' in Sebastian Tan's "Broadway Beng", Kuala Lumpur Production, directed by Selena Tan, Dream Academy.
    • Acted in a short film production for a local HD Panasonic Film Festival, titled "Sweet Pine Grove" produced by Blk A Pictures.
    • Sang in a local Chinese/Cantopop band (Typhoon Band) for 3 months at Club Babyface.


      • Performed in Toy Factory Productions Ltd's "TiTouDao" for one month, held in the New Drama Center, directed by Goh Boon Teck. Role: Swee Lian, Kim Kee, Ah Dui, Narrator, Siew Kin, Dancer.
      • Singer, "Singapore Day 20XX" in New York City, singer for the Musical Theatre segment, "Singapore Got Musical Meh?" written/directed by Jonathon Lim, Music arranged by Bang Wenfu.
      • Host for SAF formal dinner event "5th ASEAN Chiefs of Defense Force Informal Meeting", held at Asian Civilisation Museum on 2nd August.
      • Acted, sang, and danced in a mini-musical for SAF's NS40 show directed by Hossan Leong, held at Pasir Laba Camp.
      • Acted, sang, and danced in a medley of song and dance (featuring numbers from all ASEAN countries) in SAF's prestigious, high-profile ASEAN Annual Meeting.

      Theater Skills

      Review a list of skills to include in your CV or resume. Incorporating many of these “keyword” skills into your CV will convincingly demonstrate to talent scouts and casting directors that you are the well-rounded, talented professional they are seeking. Break a leg!

      A - C

      • Adhering to Deadlines
      • Articulating Clearly
      • Attention to Detail
      • Blocking a Scene to Prescribe Movements and Positions of Actors 
      • Casting Performers for Productions
      • Communicating Through Physical, Non-verbal Expressions
      • Concentration
      • Conducting Audience Surveys
      • Constructing Sets
      • Controlling the Pace of Verbalizations
      • Costume Design
      • Creativity
      • Critiquing Performances

      D - K

      • Dancing
      • Developing a Profile for a Character
      • Editing Scripts
      • Eliminating or Adopting Accents
      • Eliminating Personal Emotional Distractions
      • Evaluating Potential Scripts
      • Facilitating Audience Talk Backs to Gather Feedback
      • Flexibility
      • High Energy
      • Identifying and Resolving Problems
      • Improvisation
      • Interacting with Diverse and Challenging Personalities
      • Issuing Directions to Actors

      L - R

      • Leadership
      • Lighting Design
      • Managing Performance Anxiety
      • Memorizing Lines
      • Multitasking
      • Organizational
      • Physical Stamina
      • Projecting One's Voice
      • Pronouncing Words in Foreign Languages
      • Providing Constructive Feedback
      • Public Speaking
      • Receiving Criticism Constructively
      • Researching Cultural and Historical Contexts for Productions
      • Resilience
      • Risk Taking

      S - Z

      • Scheduling and Planning Rehearsals
      • Selecting and Securing Props Appropriate for Scenes
      • Set Design
      • Singing
      • Social Media
      • Stage Management
      • Strong Work Ethic
      • Taking Direction
      • Teamwork
      • Theater Production
      • Time Management
      • Video Filming and Editing
      • Working Cooperatively
      • Writing Character Analyses
      • Writing Reviews
      • Writing Scripts