Thomas Phelps

Thomas Phelps has been in sales, sales management and sales training for over twenty years. His passion for sales and his dedication to learning and to constantly improving, have earned him much success during his selling career. He is a student of sales and of success and is committed to an ever-increasing understanding of how business of all sizes are effected by the sales industry.


Phelps is the president and owner of PWS,Inc; a service-based business that focuses on delivering professional writing, sales coaching and consultative services to sales professionals and sales businesses around the world.

Phelps holds multiple certifications in the IT, coaching and sales industries.


Thomas Phelps has over 20 years experience in the sales and consulting industries; including time in the Financial Services, IT, Office Equipment, Software and Outsourcing Services industries.


Phelps studied Business Administration and English in Syracuse, NY and is involved in many continuing education courses, seminars and private study.


Phelps is also a Certified Life Coach and Certified Sales Coach.

Thomas Phelps

While many can claim to be in sales, few can truly call themselves "Sales Professionals." Many are in sales only as a result of being unable to find a job in a field for which they have passion. Sales Professionals are in sales because they hunger for success, for development and to earn the respect and honor that the best of the best in sales enjoy.


With over 20 years experience in sales, sales management, sales training and as a professional writer covering the sales industry, I have learned what it takes to succeed in sales and have developed a unique and highly effective "sales coaching model" that helps average sales professionals reach the top of their game and propels superior executives to heights they never knew existed!

Thank you and Happy Selling!

Tom Phelps