Get Tips for Writing a Job Interview Thank You Letter

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It's always important to say thank you after a job interview and after a second interview as well. It's also important to thank everyone you interviewed with and everyone who assisted with your job search. Here are some tips on who you should thank and the best way to thank them.

Tips for Writing a Job Interview Thank You Letter

Plan to send out your thank you letters as soon as possible (preferably within twenty-four hours) after your interview.  If time is of the essence say thank you by email or call to say thank you.

Who and How to Say Thank You for an Interview

Are individual notes appropriate or should you write a group letter? Choose your approach based on what you think will be most in keeping with the personality of the organization.  Also, consider whether the interviews had very much in common with one another.

If there was a great deal of similarity, perhaps a "group" letter will suffice. If so, address all the people on a master letter and add a personal note to each. Otherwise, send a personalized letter to each interviewer.

Who Else to Thank

In addition to thanking your interviewers, thank everyone else who assists with your job search, including references, people who refer you to a job opening and any other employment contacts whose help you have appreciated and who you want to develop a good relationship with.

Make an Impression

According to the York Technical Institute, less than 4% of applicants send thank you notes, so, use your letter as a way to stand out from the crowd and make a good impression.

What You Didn't Say

If there was something that you wish you had mentioned during the interview, here's your chance to say it by including it in your thank you letter.

Thank You Letter Basics

Thank you letters can be handwritten, typed or sent via email.  Each thank you letter should include a thank you for the interview, your interest in the job, your qualifications and skills, and a final thank you.

Short and Simple

Keep your thank you letters short and simple, but do use the letter to reiterate your interest in the job, your enthusiasm for the company and to sell yourself as the ideal candidate.

Proof Your Letter

Spell check and proof your thank you letter. Then ask someone else to proof it for you. That way you will be sure it's perfect.

The Bottom Line

It is always appropriate to say thank you! If you are not sure whether you should thank someone, think positively and spend a few minutes saying thank you.