9 Personal Things to Do Before Your Business Trip

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When it comes to business travel, there is a long list of tasks and chores that must be done before you leave home. Use this travel checklist below and leave home with the peace of mind that you didn't forget to take care of something important.

Confirm That Your Identification Hasn't Expired

Check the expiration date on your driver's license and/or passport. When you are renting a car would be bad timing to find out that your license has expired. Check your RMV website to find out if your license will expire while you're away.

If you'll be traveling internationally, check your passport's expiration date well in advance. If you need to order a new passport you'll get a new one in six weeks, If you need it quicker they offer a two-week expedited service for a fee.

Check Your Cell Phone Coverage

Make sure your cell phone plan will adequately cover you while you're away. It'd be an awful ending to a trip to find your bill is higher than usual. Take precautionary steps to make sure you're covered while on your business trip.

Call your carrier's customer service department and alert them to your travel plans. The agent will be able to explain your options and make you aware of any potential additional charges. Many plans offer short-term upgrades to your agreement for a reasonable fee that will covers international usage, texting, and internet access while traveling.

Check Your Prescription Refills

Determine whether your current prescription medications will last for the duration of your trip plus a few days (you don't want to make a midnight run to the pharmacy the day you get back). If not, make arrangements to get them refilled in advance.

To be on the safe side consider bringing a copy of your prescription with you as well as your physician's contact information. Better to be prepared in the event that something happens and you find it necessary to fill one of your prescriptions while out of town.

Hit the Dry Cleaners

Make a trip to the dry cleaners with any business clothes that need to be cleaned. Add picking up the dry cleaning the day before your trip to your list. This way you'll avoid feeling frustrated while packing for a business trip!

Check if You'll Need Out-of-Town Medical Insurance

Check with your medical insurance carrier or read your insurance policy to determine what your medical options are in the event of an out-of-town emergency. Many insurance companies require that you notify them within 24 hours of using an out-of-town emergency room or an urgent care center in order to cover the claim.

Alert Your Bank and Credit Card Companies

Call your bank and credit card company customer service departments. Inform them that you will be on a business trip and give them a list of all of your travel dates and locations. Many banks and credit card companies deny charges in foreign countries or popular vacation locations if you have not alerted them to your travel plans in advance.

Pack Your Travel Documents

Make sure you have all necessary travel documents such as:

  • Copies of your credit cards and a listing of 800 numbers to call in the event of loss or theft
  • Medical insurance cards
  • Passport and driver's license
  • Travel itinerary bookmarked on your phone
  • Reservations and confirmations
  • Easy access to electronic tickets

Connect With Your Support System

Let everyone in your support system (the people you can always count on) know about your travel plans. Ask them to check in on your significant other and your kids while you're away. While you're away it can be a special time for them to bond with your family. It'll also help fill the void. 

Setup Times to Connect With the Kids

Setup times in advance that you can FaceTime or Skype with your kids. Kids love structure so mark the calendar before you leave so they know when you'll talk to them. It's OK if the time isn't the same every night. You may have business dinners! As long as the kids see on the calendar that they'll be talking to Mom they'll feel comfortable and so will you.

Edited by Elizabeth McGrory.