10 Skills to Work in Information Technology

Whether you are just starting your technical career or looking to make a career change, it helps to know what career skills are hot in the job market. The following list is of technical skills that are currently in high demand. The list includes information, a brief history of each technology, and links to training resources.

Unix Operating System

Group of IT experts in their office.
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The Unix Operating System is the foundation of the internet. Unix is a critical skill for a career in Information Technology.

Linux Operating System

The Linux Operating System is a Unix-like operating system that is being used by many large companies. It is quickly growing in popularity and is a popular operating system to develop for. Linux is a great career skill if you want a career as a System Administrator.

Java Programming Language

Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java is a popular career skill if you want to be a Web Developer.

C++ Programming Language

C++ is another high level, object-oriented programming language. C++ is often used in commercial application software development. It has been and continues to be a hot programming career skill in the market. A career as a Software Engineer would be the most likely with C++ expertise.

Perl Programming Language

Perl is a dynamic scripting language that is used quite often in networking, system administration, and website development. Knowledge of this multi-use language is a must-have for many career paths.

MySQL Database Management

MySQL is a database management tool that is widely used. Knowledge of MySQL is necessary for many careers, including Database Administrators, Web Developers, and Software Engineers.

Microsoft C# Programming Language

The C# programming language from Microsoft Corporation is rapidly gaining popularity as more companies utilize the .NET framework. It is one of the hottest career skills in the market right now for developers.

XML - Extensible Markup Language

XML or Extensible Markup language is a popular language that makes information on the internet viewable across many different platforms. It is relatively easy to learn. While many developers know XML, fewer of them are experts in XML. It is a specialty focus that is gaining popularity for a career in web development.

HTML Skills

HTML continues to be a necessary skill to have for ‚Äčweb design careers. Expert knowledge of HTML is a must-have for this career path.

Project Management

Management of technical projects is a necessary career skill for advancement, no matter which technical career path you choose. Formal project management training is a great start to more senior level technical roles.