Top 7 Salary Calculators Online

Knowing the typical pay ranges for your target job can make negotiating your compensation much easier and provides valuable insight regardless of your career stage or level. Salaries and hourly wages typically vary based on your geographical location and other factors, and these salary calculators can help prepare you for important salary conversations and negotiations.

The following calculators consider additional factors such as job function, degree, and years of experience to provide useful and informative salary estimates.

When you go on interviews, keep in mind that regardless of what the salary calculators say, you'll also need to factor in other information such as whether you're at the junior or senior end of your chosen role, and the size and status of the company for which you're interviewing. A startup company or a non-profit won't be able to offer the same level of salary and benefits a larger, established or publicly-traded company.

Try asking around in your job network and maybe even go on some informational interviews so that you can learn what salary range qualifies as normal for your role and compare it to the information you find using these salary calculators.

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A current leader in online salary surveys, has extensive information on all technology job titles. Their career resources and information for businesses are a big hit, too.

In addition to free salary information, the site offers cost-of-living comparisons and a benefits calculator. It also covers executive pay and offers a personalized salary report that refines the data for you based on geographic and other parameters. is a leading web-based salary survey. allows you to compare not just your current salary but also allows for evaluations of job offers, kind of a "what-if" scenario simulator.

The site also offers a salary negotiation guide and career research center to show you where your career might go in the future.  If you pay for membership, you get more detailed information. provides salary information that has been posted and shared anonymously by its readers. In order to view information, you have to post your own information, such as a salary for your current job. Your post will be kept anonymous. In addition to salaries, the site provides company satisfaction ratings and approval rating for top executives.

IEEE Salary Survey

The salary survey from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) is one of the most accurate out there for technology professions. The survey requires a paid membership to access.

The IEEE has performed the survey annually for the past 30 years, and while this is a survey, rather than a calculator, more than 7,000 responses from employers and employees make this survey invaluable to those job hunting in this career area. (Janco Associates) IT Salary Survey

If you're looking for information specific to the Information Technology (IT) field, this site provides IT Salary survey information and detailed job descriptions. It also has descriptions of job families within the IT field, information on the IT job market, and average salary information for the H1-B and other foreign-worker Visa programs.

You can view some information after completing the free registration. The site offers in-depth, premium information for a fee.

Salary expert is a paid resource, similar to, but in addition to U.S. jobs, it also includes a salary calculator and information on salaries for overseas positions, specifically in the UK. The site offers cost-of-living information, salary potential by career, and the ability to search jobs by salary range. currently has slightly lower pricing than Cost of Living Calculator

This salary calculator makes the cut because along with a salary calculator it offers tools to help you explore relocating to different areas.

The cost of living calculator allows you to compare salaries from different geographic locations. You can also get city reports, school reports, a moving cost calculator, and more. This is definitely not an exact science, but it offers a great starting point for comparison.