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There are many job sites you can use to find job openings online, but the best job boards and job search engine sites have search tools that are quick and easy to use. They allow you to search based on the type of job you're looking for, your location, and other criteria. 

Job Search Engines. vs. Job Boards

What's the difference between a job board and a job search engine? Job boards typically include positions posted by employers, while job search engines aggregate job listings from job boards and company websites.

Types of Job Search Sites

Some of the best job sites are traditional job boards like Dice and CareerBuilder. Others, like Indeed, allow you to search through many job boards, company career sites, associations, and other sources of job postings. You can even search directly on Google to find job opportunities.

There are also sites that focus on certain types of jobs or match you with employers. These sites are worth incorporating into your job search, because not all employers list jobs on every website, even though it may seem that way.

Don't limit yourself to just one job website, because each job site lists jobs from a particular selection of websites and companies. 

LinkUp, for example, only lists jobs directly from company websites, while job search engines like Indeed pull listings from many different sources.

In addition, each site has a different set of search options you can use to include certain types of job in the search results. The sites on this list offer a variety of types of job listings, as well as different options for searching for and applying for jobs.

Top 10 Websites for Job Search

Try out a few of the top job sites, listed in alphabetical order, to see which works best for you.


CareerBuilder is one of the largest job boards, providing job listings, resume posting, and career advice and resources to job seekers. CareerBuilder secures job listings directly from employers and has expanded local listings by partnering with many newspapers to incorporate their online classifieds. 

CareerBuilder integrates useful information about scores of career paths and valuable advice about career development and job searching. The site uses the latest AI technology to connect workers with opportunities.


Dice is a leading site for tech job seekers. You can search by company, job title, keyword, employment type, and location. Registered users can upload a resume, get salary information, store resumes and cover letters, and track jobs.

Tech workers can complete profiles and let an extensive network of employers find them based on their skills and experience. You'll also find career advice and news relevant to tech job seekers on the site.


Glassdoor is a career community that helps people find jobs and companies that recruit top talent. Glassdoor members can see the latest job listings and get access to user-generated content, including company-specific ratings and reviews, interview questions, and more. Glassdoor is an industry leader on salary information by company and job type.

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is a product from Google that aims to help job seekers find job listings that are right for them. Google for Jobs is a job search engine that compiles listings from many different sources, including other job search engines.

Instead of using a specific job search site, users can simply type a job into their Google search bar.

Google then pulls up related listings. Users can then narrow their search by type of job, location, company type, date posted, and more.

The site integrates the functionality of other job sites such as CareerBuilder to enable users to apply directly for open jobs.


Idealist is the premier clearinghouse for information on full-time, internship, and volunteer positions within the non-profit sector. You can target organizations by the issues that they deal with (such as homelessness or nature conservation) and search for positions by job function.

Registered users can also identify groups of interest and communicate with other members for networking purposes.


Indeed is the top job site with millions of job listings from thousands of websites, including company career sites, job boards, newspaper classifieds, associations, and other online sources of job postings.

Users can also upload a resume and get a personalized resume link to share with employers. You can also apply for jobs, research salaries and job trends, set up job alerts, and use Indeed's job search app for mobile job hunting.

Users can gain firsthand insight into employment dynamics through an extensive selection of company reviews completed by employees and job seekers.


LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. LinkedIn is the largest professional network.

You can search for jobs, identify contacts at employers who are advertising vacancies, and follow companies of interest on LinkedIn. Users can incorporate portfolio samples within their profile to showcase their credentials to prospective employers.

LinkedIn is popular with employers who review the profiles of talented workers who are not necessarily actively seeking new opportunities, as well as candidates seeking employment.

LinkedIn works well for strong candidates conducting a passive job search where they want employers to find them.


If you want to avoid spam, scams, and duplicate job listings, LinkUp is the job site for you. LinkUp only posts jobs provided on company websites, furnishing applicants with jobs that may not be advertised on other job boards.

Because the jobs come directly from company sites, you can be sure that they are current openings. Job seekers are linked directly to employer websites where they can apply online.


Upwork has tapped the trend towards freelance labor and gig-based opportunities by creating a marketplace to connect freelancers with employers who have projects to offer.

Freelance workers can search for projects based on categories like web and software development, data science and analytics, admin support, writing, sales/marketing, design/creative, customer service, legal, and accounting/consulting. Freelancers can also post profiles and be found by employers seeking their expertise.


ZipRecruiter uses innovative technology to learn about your job preferences as you apply for jobs from their extensive inventory of openings. Users then receive notices of jobs that meet their preferences.

ZipRecruiter provides industry-leading salary information about targeted jobs and showcases trending companies, cities, and job categories.

Best Specialty and Niche Job Sites

Niche and specialty job websites are an excellent resource for finding job openings that aren't always listed on other sites. There are too many great niche job websites to list them all, but here are some favorites that are especially useful for job seekers.

Use Advanced Search Options

Most sites have advanced search options that let you drill down even to find jobs that are the best match for your skills, qualifications, interests, and even your desired work location. Be sure to check out the advanced search options on any job search site.

Sign Up for Job Alerts

A job alert is a useful tool that many job sites have. The job agent is a system that notifies you when there are new job postings on the site that match your interests.

You can set up alerts to receive notifications by email as soon as new jobs that match your search criteria are posted. When you get an alert, you'll be able to get your application in right away.

Expand Your Job Search

Keep in mind that career coaches recommend spending only some of your job searching time online. Devote the rest of your time to generating leads, networkingresearching companies, and meeting people.

Key Takeaways

Try a Variety of Sites: Don't limit your job search to just one site. Employers post job openings in many different places.

Use Advanced Search Options: To speed up your job search, take advantage of the advanced options to search by location, industry, keyword, job title, and more.

Sign Up for Job Alerts: Save some search time by signing up for job alerts to notify you about new postings.

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