Top Internship Picks in Entertainment

Internship Opportunities in Radio/TV, Film, Sports, & Theater

Opportunities for those interested in gaining experience in entertainment including internships in TV, film, acting, theater, and radio.

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CBS News

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The CBS News Internship Program offers college students an opportunity to learn more about the industry if they are interested in pursuing a career in Journalism, Broadcasting or Communication.

The Harpo Internship Program

The Harpo Internship Program offers unique opportunities for young professionals to gain experience in various divisions at Harpo.Inc. Interns working for The Oprah Winfrey Show will get a true picture of how a syndicated talk show operates in addition to first-hand experience working in the field of entertainment.

The Television Academy Foundation

The Television Academy Foundation provides college students with an in-depth exposure to professional television production.

The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., is a known leader in global entertainment and doing an internship with them is a great chance to meet those currently working in a media organization that caters to the sport.

The Institute of Humane Studies

The Institute of Humane Studies offers opportunities for students interested in print, film, TV, movie, video game development, animation, and film production, and Public Policy.

New York Islanders Hockey Team

Offering opportunities in Graphic Design, Iceworks Skating Facility, Marketing Services, Journalism & Media Relations, Sponsorship & Suites, Group Sales, Community Development, Merchandise, and Hockey Operations.


Interns working at MSNBC become real members of a popular cable news network and get to see first-hand what takes place when actually working at the station. This opportunity is for those students who are committed to a career in media broadcasting.

Lifetime Television

Lifetime Television is still seeking interns in New York City for the summer. Summer internships are available for those interested in learning more about online marketing, digital media, human resources, and affiliate distribution. Experience in the field can be exactly what it takes to get yourself hired after graduation.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame

The National Baseball Hall of Fame offers a great internship program for baseball and sports fans alike but also offers other opportunities for those students who have no interest in sports.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation

Recognized as one of the top internships in the country, The Summer Internship Program for The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation provides many industry-wide internships to college and graduate students from across the country

The Warner Music Group

If you have an interest in music an internship with The Warner Music Group may be the perfect opportunity for you. Like many fields, music and entertainment are extremely competitive career fields to enter. It’s practically impossible to get an entry-level position in the field without previous relevant experience and/or one or more professional contacts.

Participant Media

Participant Media located in Beverly Hills, CA, was created in 2004 by entertainment industry executives who wanted to not only create quality entertainment; but wanted to give audiences a chance to engage in issues by participating and taking action.