Top 24 Niche Job Sites

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In contrast to job boards and job search engines that provide job listings for many different occupations, niche job sites provide job listings for specific types of job seekers or types of jobs. Niche job websites can be a terrific resource for finding job openings that aren’t always available on other sites. There are too many good niche job websites to list them all, but there are some that are especially useful for job seekers.

Here are, in alphabetical order, some of the best internship and job sites for college students and grads, seasonal opportunities, local jobs, freelance positions, tech jobs, jobs in finance, volunteer opportunities, and more niche sites that will help job seekers focus their job search and grow their career.

Top 24 Niche Job Sites

1. is a highly acclaimed site designed to meet the employment needs of current college students and recent graduates. Users can identify entry-level opportunities and internships without sifting through volumes of postings which require more experience. The site also presents handy survey data about the best places to work for college students and graduates. Job seekers can receive a free resume critique from an expert.

Cool Works is the best place for the outdoor enthusiasts to find opportunities in exciting natural locations.  The site is packed with summer, temporary, and full time jobs and internships for employers like ski areas, national parks, ranches, farms, and resorts. Cool Works includes international as well as domestic positions, and fun search criteria like "Jobs on Water and Jobs on Horseback."

Craigslist is best used as a way to find listings for a specific location, particularly freelance jobs and those with very small employers.  Be very cautious when following up on these ads since the site has been a source of many employment scams. Meet in public places and validate contacts prior to releasing personal information. 

Dice is the first place most technology job seekers look when searching for new opportunities.  Users can zero in on the most relevant jobs for their background by tapping easy to use skill and job title search functions.  Dice accommodates professional development and enhances job search skills through useful articles targeted towards the information technology sector.

5. enables you to identify opportunities in 35 different niches within finance such as accounting, asset management, commercial banking, retail banking, investment banking, trading, and derivatives.  Users can also search for jobs by skills areas like financial engineering, portfolio management, training, leadership, writing, risk management, and research.

6. Energy Jobline 
contains a database of over 16,000 opportunities in the energy, oil and gas, renewable energy, offshore, and power/nuclear sectors. Administrative, marketing, trade, technical, engineering, and many other categories of jobs are included and searchable by functional area. Candidates can complete a profile and receive targeted job alerts. The site features a special section devoted to entry level job opportunities for new graduates. Energy Jobline maintains direct recruiting relationships with a large number of employers in the niche.

Energy Jobline is also an excellent source of news about trends and developments in the field including an extensive survey of current professionals. Such information will be helpful as job seekers prepare for interviews in the sector. 

7. contains over 225,000 engineering job openings. Job seekers can filter listings by city, state, company, or job title. For example, searching by the keywords “mechanical engineer” yielded a list of over 10,000 jobs while the keywords “electrical engineer” resulted in over 16,000 listings.

8. Environmental Career Opportunities
The Environmental Career Opportunities site contains handy search tabs for categories of environmental jobs like renewable energy, green jobs, advocacy, environmental law, environmental education, and environmental engineering. The site also includes listings of environmental internships and an index of environmental degree programs.

FlexJobs is a resource for individuals who want or need flexibility as they balance work with the rest of their lives. Users can search for jobs by the following job types - part-time, full-time, freelance, telecommuting, flexible scheduling, and alternative scheduling. The database is well populated with opportunities in over 50 job categories including account management, communications, human services, project management, and science. Users need to pay a monthly fee to gain full access to the site.

10. GoodFoodJobs
Good Food Jobs is the ideal job site for candidates who want to integrate a fascination with food into their career. Jobs are posted from farmers, food artisans, policy makers, retailers, restaurateurs, economists, ecologists, and more. The site contains a useful blog with colorful profiles and success stories about individuals pursuing interesting careers in the food world.

11. contains over 225,000 opportunities in a broad range of support, technician, nursing, and physician roles within the healthcare sector. Registrants can incorporate work samples into their profile to provide employers with tangible evidence of past accomplishments. 

Idealist is the premier clearinghouse for information on full-time, internship, and volunteer positions within the non-profit sector.  You can identify target organizations by their mission and specific types of opportunities within various niches. Registered users can search for contacts in fields or organizations of interest and message them for networking purposes.

13. is the top site within the internship marketplace featuring over 260,000 jobs and internships at over 130,000 organizations.  Job seekers can isolate paid internships and summer opportunities as well as entry level jobs in a broad spectrum of fields.  The site is student oriented and enables students to identify opportunities related to their college major.

Media Bistro specializes in job postings in the social media, advertising, public relations, radio, TV, design, and publishing sectors. The site also provides advice and news as well as information on courses and events in those fields.

OneWire is heavily utilized by financial services, accounting, asset/investment management and technology firms to find the right candidates for their vacancies.  Job seekers complete a detailed profile which generates matches from the OneWire jobs database.  Employers query the candidate database and find prospects based on those same profiles.

16. Public Relations Society
The Public Relations Society of America maintains an industry clearinghouse for jobs in corporate communications, media relations, integrated marketing communication, and with public relations firms. Unlike many professional groups job seekers do not need to be members of the organization to access the listings, and the public can apply directly for the position via email in the system.

17. SalesGravy
SalesGravy enables candidates for sales jobs to identify opportunities that meet their specific criteria. Job seekers can search for positions by location, salary level, and industry. The site has handy search tabs to isolate opportunities by state.

18. enables users to search an extensive database of over 100,000 sales positions at more than 49,000 employers.  Users can identify sales opportunities by industry including healthcare, technology, food, entertainment, pharmaceutical, advertising, and food.

Snagajob is a great place for students, part time, and transitional workers to find basic hourly employment in their area. The site contains a great number of temporary and ongoing retail, hospitality, and service jobs, and lists vacancies in order of proximity to your locale.

20. is a vehicle for programmers and developers to access job opportunities and network with other professionals in the field.  A unique feature of this site is the question feature where community member can pose and respond to technical questions and challenges. Job seekers can gain visibility by demonstrating their knowledge to other players in the field.

Many leading companies in the advertising, media, and marketing sectors have tapped Talent Zoo to find staff.  Job seekers can search four categories for vacancies - Advertising, Marketing, Design and Creative, as well as Geek and Web.  The site contains useful articles and blogs on trends in those industries as well as job search advice.

22. provides a platform for independent contractors like designers, programmers, application developers, writers, marketers, and legal professionals to find projects and advertise their services to prospective employers. In excess of 10,000 opportunities were posted on the site at the time of this review.

USA Jobs is the best place to look for government jobs.  You can find jobs by location, agency, occupation, and job title. Disabled individuals and veterans can identify staff and other resources to help them secure government employment. A clear explanation of the federal hiring process is outlined.

Youtern contains a database of internships a very informative blog with a host of useful articles about networking and job search.