The 11 Top-Paying Jobs for Women

Brush up on Math to Land One of the Top-Paying Jobs

Top 11 Jobs for Women
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Maybe you fell into your job by accident and your path seems fixed. But if you're just beginning your career or have an opportunity to refocus, looking at the top-paying jobs for women will help you get the most for each hour of work.

If you are thinking about going back to school or making a career change check out the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) type jobs. They are the ones at the head of the class in the latest list of the best jobs for women in 2015 reported by, the Internet's premier career site for finding targeted job opportunities by industry, function and location. All wages and outlooks listed are via the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and represent the entire labor force for each career.


Here are the top 11 jobs for women in 2015:

#1 Actuary

An actuary is someone who asses the business risk or uncertainty of something for insurance purposes. The science is based on mathematical skills, economics, computer science, finance and business.

Annual Median Wage: $93,680

Projected growth outlook: 26 percent

#2 Advertising and Promotions Manager

This role includes overseeing the market research to the actual advertising for a product or service. This career may be within a marketing agency, a company, or a media outlet. It was reported that approximately two-thirds of this field are women.

Annual Median Wage: $115,750

Projected growth outlook: 12%

#3 Biomedical Engineer

A BME applies the engineering principles they are certified in to biology and medicine for healthcare treatment such as diagnosis, monitoring and therapy. 

Annual Median Wage: $86,960

Projected growth outlook: 27%

#4 Dental Hygienist

A licensed dental professional who is trained to provide full oral health care. They work alongside a dentist and provide a specific set of procedures. 

Annual Median Wage: $70,201

Projected growth outlook: 33%

#5 Education Administrators

This role is within universities or colleges where the administrator is in charge of maintaining and supervising how the school is ran.

Annual Median Wage: $86,490

Projected growth outlook: 15%

#6 Event Planner

This is party planner mets project manager. Someone or a company is hired to run small to large events like a conference to a wedding.

Annual Median Wage: $45,810

Projected growth outlook: 33%

#7 Human Resources Manager

This job is someone who has an educational background in human resource management and helps run a company's culture, benefits, and employment responsibilities.

Annual Median Wage: $99,720

Projected growth outlook: 12%

#8 Market Research Analyst

In this job someone researches the potential sale of a product. They work on future sale predictions, what the competitors are offering, then how to promote, distribute, design, and what price should be used. 

Annual Median Wage: $60,330

Projected growth outlook:32%

#9 Occupational Therapist

This therapist can work with many different types of clients such as the elderly, children, or the terminally ill and their job is to improve their state of life through purposeful activities. One of their goals is to improve a persons independence.

Annual Median Wage: $75,400

Projected growth outlook: 29%

#10 Public Relations Manager

This job is when a person manages the information shared between with the public (or media) and a company, person, or body of government. 

Annual Median Wage: $95,450

Projected growth outlook: 13%

#11 Statistician

Similar to an actuary, a statistician works with applied statistics, which is the collection of numerical data. This type of role is usually combined in another field like medicine, environment, government surveys, industry, or market research.

Annual Median Wage: $75,560

Projected growth outlook: 27%


Did your current job make the list? Did some of these descriptions spark curiosity? If so, start your research to see what experience you need to make a career change. Providing for your family is one of your top priorities and how great would it be to have a job that's desirable in this economy. Just take your research one step at a time and stay curious.