Top Paying Sales Jobs

Doctors, lawyers, CEO's and professional athletes usually come to mind when thinking about the top paying career fields. The truth is that sales careers are or can be the highest paying professions in the country. As long as an employer offers an unlimited earnings potential compensation program, any sales professional can be among the top paid professionals in the world.

But there are a few sales professions that consistently rank high in the income category. These positions also include a long list of professionals who didn't make the grade, lost money or are earning average incomes. The difference, as always, is the person in the position. Again, any sales position can be a top-earning position if the sales professional is talented, dedicated and motivated.

Independent Sales Professionals

Independent sales professionals fall into a very large category. As far as income is concerned, this category varies more than any other, but those who truly succeed as an independent rep are often the highest paid professionals.

Independent sales professionals do not enjoy the luxury of a salary or company sponsored benefits but do enjoy incredible freedom and flexibility. Suited for the entrepreneurial type, independent sales jobs require discipline, dedication, self-motivation and a hunger for success.

For those that have the intestinal fortitude to "go it on their own," no other sales profession can pay as high as can be earned by independent sales professionals.

Senior Management

Look at the "C" level of most sales companies, and you will see at least a few sales professional sitting at the boardroom table. While senior leaders may not be active in the sales processes, most have earned their way to the top as a result of their sales success.

It is not uncommon to find that a CEO started his career in sales and moved up through the corporate ranks moving from one sales position to another. Most VP of Sales positioned are filled with sales-minded people.

Even some CFO and CIO positions (Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer) are held by sales professionals. The lessons learned by a successful sales rep translate across all areas of a corporation. Having a sales-focused executive with a key to the executive bathroom helps ensure that the company keeps a focus on customer satisfaction, an eye on the competition and a "sales rep friendly" work environment.

Financial Services Sales Professionals

Helping Americans manage, grow and invest their hard-earned money is the job of the sales professionals in the financial services industry. Think about the executives on Wall Street, whose sole purpose is to capitalize on market trends, privileged (but not an insider) information and to make their client's financial dreams come true. For their efforts and expertise, those in this field earn incredible incomes.

The position names vary from stockbroker to financial adviser, but all share the same common objective: Make money for themselves by making money for others.

While financial services sales professionals can find employment in many places including banks, credit unions or brokerage houses, the top paying professionals are either independent reps or hold senior-level positions with global financial services corporations.

Luxury Item Sales Professionals

Interested in buying your private jet? How about a resort in Fiji or a 14th-century castle in England? If so, you will be working with a highly paid, highly professional sales person who focuses on selling the biggest of big-ticket items to the wealthiest individuals in the world.

Luxury Item Sales is not something that the average job hunter simply applies for, goes through a few interviews before accepting the position. Professionals in this space are chosen, recruited and "wined and dined" based on their reputation in sales. When a multimillion dollar sales opportunity is at stake, only the absolute best need apply.