Top 9 Telecommuting Companies

Discover how these 9 major corporations are truly telecommuter friendly.

A web search for telecommuting companies brings loads of results with lists of supposedly "telecommute friendly" companies. Yet, what does that mean? Any company can put a telecommuting policy on the books, but how and whether that policy is implemented makes all the difference.

While I have a list of more than 150 companies that offer some type of work-at-home opportunities, the major corporations singled out below (and listed alphabetically) are more than just hospitable to the occasional telecommuter; they have a proven track record of using a remote workforce across multiple divisions within the company. And that's what I call telecommute friendly.

That is not to say telecommuting is allowed universally because some positions and divisions are better suited to telecommuting than others, and often jobs are hired for a brick-and-mortar office and transition to telecommuting.




Revenue (2017): $60 billion
Employees: 48,290*
Industry: Insurance, managed care

Insurance and managed care company Aetna began its telecommuting program in claims processing. Now, more than a decade later, that has expanded to include other departments, such as nursing, sales, legal, product management and clinical staff.

Telecommuting Position Types: Nurses, physicians, network managers, claims adjusters (See more telecommuting insurance jobs.)

Finding a Telecommute Job at Aetna: On the Aetna "Careers" page, search for "telecommute" or "work from home" to find a wide range of positions for which telecommuting is a possibility. Many positions are 100 percent telecommute jobs, some are partial, and some may not necessarily be hired as telecommuting, but could possibly transition to it in the future. Approximately 43 percent of the company's workforce is able to work from home.

American Express

American Express
Getty/David McNew

Revenue (2017): $35 billion
Employees: 55,000
Industry: Financial, travel

American Express has a large telecommute workforce and actively hires for positions that offer full and partial telecommuting opportunities, with varying levels of responsibilities, all over the world.

Telecommuting Position Types: Travel counselor (call center), sales, corporate, business development (See more work at home call center jobs.)

Finding a Telecommute Job at American Express: In the jobs database, use "virtual," "telecommute" or "work at home" as keywords to find a job online in its database.


Getty/Tim Boyle

Revenue (2017): $190.5 billion
Employees: 273,210
Industry: Telecommunications

As a company that makes a profit selling the products and services that make telecommuting work, it’s not surprising that AT&T has a large number of telecommuters. According to a 2012 company publication entitled "Work/Life Balance," AT&T employed nearly 22,500 approved telecommuters in 37 countries, or 20 percent of AT&T’s management workforce.

Telecommuting Position Types: Various

Finding a Telecommute Job at AT&T : Unfortunately, AT&T’s jobs website does not make finding a telecommuting position easy. Because of the nature of its business, a search with the keyword “telecommute” can bring up many non-telecommute positions.



Courtesy of Cigna

Revenue (2017): $41 billion
Employees: 35,800
Industry: Insurance, managed care

The company’s pilot work-at-home employment program, launched in 2002, was for employees in claims and field health care. Jobs may not necessarily be designated as a telecommute job, but they may offer some flexibility with working a day or two from home, depending upon the role and job requirements, according to the company's website.

Telecommuting Position Types: Nurses, case managers, claims workers, analysts (See more telecommuting nursing and medical jobs.)

Finding a Telecommute Job at Cigna: You can search for work at home opportunities through the advanced search feature.


Getty/Justin Sullivan

Revenue (2018): $49 billion
Employees: 74,200
Industry: Network and other communications

Cisco has a longstanding and robust telecommuting policy that has helped the company save a significant amount of money. With a reduced need for office space to house employees, it closed 239 buildings between 2012 and 2017. That decreased its real estate portfolio by 30 percent, enabling it to slash $196 million from its budget and earn $294 million in building sales. Although it has offices in 273 metropolitan areas in 93 countries, more than 60 percent of employees operate in a highly remote or mobile fashion. 

Telecommuting Position Types: Various

Finding a Telecommute Job at Cisco: Since most jobs offer at least some level of telecommuting flexibility, job seekers should search for jobs according to other criteria and look for mention of telecommuting or virtual work possibilities in the job description.


Deloitte Building on Queen Street.
Richard Cummins / Getty Images

Revenue (2018): $43.2 billion
Employees: 286,200
Industry: Consulting

Though it ranks #11 in Fortune’s "100 Best Companies to Work For" in 2018. Deloitte "offers most of its employees the option to telecommute as many as five days a week, and has done so for over 20 years. Employees use video conferencing to meet with clients and other employees.

The company encourages flexible work options, which include the ability to customize the pace of career growth and development, workload, and location and/or schedule.

Telecommuting Position Types: Various

Finding a Telecommute Job at Deloitte: In the company’s employment listings, there is no specific way to search telecommute jobs, but with the majority of global employees telecommuting, there’s a good chance of finding a telecommute-friendly position.


Getty/Sean Gallup

Revenue (2017): $79 billion
Employees: 366,600
Industry: Information Technology

A survey of more than 24,000 IBM employees in 2010 found that telecommuters could squeeze 50 percent more hours into the work week before feeling the strain work-life conflicts. However, Big Blue, as of 2017, reportedly asked its marketing organizations to work from one of six U.S. cities and return to the office. Therefore, it's currently a little unclear as to the favor that telework arrangements have in the company's culture.

Telecommuting Position Types: Unclear

Finding a Telecommute Job at IBM: Telecommuting, if available, would now be an arrangement decided between managers and employees, so the jobs database does not have specific listings for work at home jobs.


Getty/Justin Sullivan

Revenue (2017): $62 billion
Employees: 107,100
Industry: Semiconductors and other electronic components

According to the company’s benefits page, Intel offers a variety of creative approaches to helping employees strike the right work-life balance. From compressed workweeks, flextime, and alternate start times to telecommuting, and part-time and job share positions, each business unit has a range of options for you to explore.

Telecommuting Position Types: Considered individually

Finding a Telecommute Job at Intel: Because telecommuting and other flexible work options are arrangements between manager and employee, the company’s employment database does not provide a good way to search for telecommuting jobs.

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group Headquarters


Revenue (2017): $201 billion
Employees: 270,000
Industry: Insurance, managed care

Tom Valerius, vice president of recruitment at UnitedHealth Group, once remarked to Minnesota Public Radio "nearly 20 percent of the company's 70,000 employees work at home most of the time. They include everyone from computer technicians and nurses to accountants and recruitment managers."

Since then, the company has grown to more than 270,000 employees, and the new figure is 25 percent of all UnitedHealth Care employees are regular telecommuters. A search of its employment database finds dozens of telecommuting jobs at any given time.

Telecommuting Position Types: Nurses, contract managers, auditors, Medicare/Medicaid specialists, analysts and consultants

Finding a Telecommute Job at UnitedHealth Group: Use "telecommute" and "telecommuting" and "work at home" as keywords on the company's job search page. Unfortunately, the language of the different job postings is not standardized, so these will each pull up different jobs.

*Source for revenue and employee data is Fortune 500.