Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Jobs

TSA officers will no longer need to use a remotely located room to view the images, which will make the process more efficient according to a TSA spokesman.
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The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, is responsible for keeping travelers in the United States safe from harm. The agency is under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and was created in response to the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Types of Jobs Available

Employees of the Transportation Security Administration have many roles, from looking for suspicious behavior amongst passengers to overseeing the canines hunting down weapons, drugs, and illegal materials.

While TSA employees handle security for all major modes of transportation, perhaps one of the agency's biggest responsibilities is managing security at airports, where Transportation Security Administration agents screen passengers and their luggage for harmful items.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Jobs

If you are considering a job in the Transportation Security Administration, read on for more information about the kinds of jobs and careers available at the agency, as well as how to search and apply for TSA jobs.

TSA Career Information

Learn about the TSA and decide what part of the agency interests you. Details about the agency's mission as well pay bands and more are available at the TSA site.

TSA Job Listings

The TSA employs full-time and part-time transportation security specialists and law enforcement. Management level positions are also available. Search online for Transportation Security Administration, Federal Air Marshal Service, and Airport Security job openings in the location where you want to work.

For more information on requirements,  benefits, and training, as well as the types of opportunities available, explore the TSA jobs site, which offers background information as well as directions on how and where to apply for positions. Jobs have different application instructions, so carefully follow instructions posted for each job. You may be able to apply online for some TSA positions. 

TSA Hiring Requirements

TSA jobs require US citizenship and successful completion of a full background investigation. Persons interested in security officer positions must pass a medical examination, be able to read, speak, and write English, and pass a physical ability test, a drug and alcohol screening, and an aptitude test.

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