How to Pack Like a Model for Your Upcoming Trip

Woman packing a suitcase with a smile

Jamie Grill/Getty Images

The life of a model during fashion week is anything but stationary. But even on year-round, they are going to different studios across the big four modeling capitals of the world—and more. Excelling in the industry means traveling, and lots of it! You’ll bounce from shoot to shoot, from ​​a runway to another, and will have to be ready to jet off to an exotic locale at a moment’s notice.

It sounds glamorous and there are many perks to being a runway model, but all that traveling can be stressful if you don’t know how to prepare for it.

How a Model Packs for a Trip

The best models have mastered the art of packing. They have a knack for knowing exactly how and what to pack (and just as important, what not to pack!) for just about any occasion. Follow these packing tips from top models.

Choose the right suitcase. First things first: You have to pick the right luggage for the job. If you’re heading out for a quick shoot, don’t bring an industrial-sized suitcase. You’ll look silly and you’ll feel compelled to fill all the extra space with stuff you don’t need. Instead, try to stick with a simple carry-on that’ll let you skip the baggage carousel and travel with ease.

If you’re going away for an extended period of time, you’ll need a larger piece of luggage. Hard-shell suitcases are great because they keep all your precious possessions from getting squished and/or destroyed. 

Roll your clothes. Rolling your clothes into snug little bundles is an easy way to save space in your suitcase and keep everything organized. This trick helps prevent wrinkles too.

It’s inevitable that some of your clothes will end up wrinkled no matter how well you pack them. But don’t worry. After you have a hot shower at your hotel, simply hang your wrinkled clothes in the bathroom and close the door to keep the steam inside. The hot, moist air will make them smooth again.

Plan your outfits ahead of time. It’s impossible to plan ahead for every circumstance you might encounter while on your trip, but it definitely helps to plan for the ones you’re absolutely sure about. That way, you’ll know exactly what to bring and can easily check off each item as you pack. You might even be able to find new ways to mix and match and overlap a few key pieces to cut down on the bulk.

Prioritize packing basics only. When it comes to packing, versatility is key. Be sure to pack a few basics like jeans, t-shirts, and a jacket you can wear with just about anything. Don’t be afraid to be a ruthless editor, either. You know the old saying, “Take half the clothes and twice the money?” Well, it’s true and it’s probably the best packing advice you’ll ever receive.

Use space by saving bags. These handy little bags will save you oodles of space. Simply fill them with clothes and vacuum out the excess air to make a compact little package. Many brands are guaranteed to be air and water tight, so be sure to take along some extra bags in case you need to transport wet or dirty clothes.

Pick a color scheme. The fewer colors you pack, the easier it will be to choose outfits on the road. Many supermodels stick with neutrals and add in pops of color with a bright bag or a unique accessory.

Pack an extra bag. Even if you don’t plan on going on a shopping spree while abroad, it’s smart to pack an extra bag. Because hey, shopping happens. (And also because it’s cheaper to pay for the second piece of luggage than it is to pay for an excessively heavy one.)  

Bring your own pillowcase. Bringing your own pillowcases to cover hotel pillows can go a long way in making you feel at home. You will sleep more soundly knowing that your skin is next to familiar fabrics, detergents, and smells. You can always take a new inexpensive set that can be left behind when you leave.

Don't forget your sunglasses. What’s the first thing Miranda Kerr does when she steps off a plane? She puts on her sunglasses. For one, she often heads straight to work and doesn’t want to do her eye makeup. And two, sunglasses make you look catwalk ready even though you just suffered through a 12-hour flight.