Treating Co-Workers with Respect

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 Some of the best advice someone new to the world of sales is to treat everyone with respect. It seems like pretty simple advice but treating others with respect is an attitude not seen enough in the sales industry.


Treating customers with respect means plenty of things. It means being fully honest in everything you say to them. It means to tell them when they are wrong and even when your competitor has a better solution for their challenge. Treating customers with respects means never pushing too hard, closing them too hard and never proposing a solution that is not right for them.

Treating your customers with respect and in an honest fashion is the best way to ensure long term success and not treating them with respect is a fantastic way to cut your career short.

Your Managers

Sales managers have a tough job, especially direct line sales managers. These managers get squeezed from every possible side. Senior managers place a lot of demands on sales managers when sales results are down. Sales reps often give their managers a tough time when the company places unrealistic demands on them. No matter which way they look, managers are getting pressured.

Give them a break and realize the stress they are under. While most managers probably won't ever reach out to someone on their team for advice or help dealing with the pressures of the job, understand that while they may not ask for help, they are dealing with plenty of challenges.

Your Co Workers

Being a member of a sales team can be a great thing or it can be a pretty difficult thing: It all depends on the sales team. A good sales team can help every member get better at their jobs, which means that every member closes more sales, earns more income and positions themselves for promotions.

No matter how good or bad your sales team is, if you make a commitment to treating your co workers with respect, you'll start to see the team improve. It may take a long time and the improvements may be almost too small to notice, but you can be the change in your team you want to see!


No surprise, but sales is a very, very hard way to earn an income. If you don't treat yourself with respect by giving yourself enough time to improve your sales skills, improve your network, take time off to go on vacations and time to be clear on your career goals, you'll probably find yourself burning out before too long.

Another area to treat yourself with respect is when it comes to you losing sales. Hey, like it or not, you will lose sales. And when you do, if you beat yourself up instead of taking a break to see what you could have done better, you run the risk of getting into a losing streak. 


Because winning streaks are partially made by confidence and losing streaks are made by a loss of confidence. If you don't take the time to collect yourself after a loss, your confidence may wane. And if you lose a couple in a row and don't show yourself enough respect to take a step back and evaluate what you're not doing right, a single loss can lead to the end of your career.

Your Competition

So many sales professionals believe that it's part of their job tothrow their competitors under the bus. They believe the more negative things they say about their competitors, the greater the chances their customers will start thinking negative about them.

The truth is the exact opposite usually happens.

If you consistently put down your competitors, what you're actually doing is telling your customers that you are afraid of your competitors and that your customers should learn more about them.

If your competitor is flat out better than your company in a particular area, don't be shy about being truthful with your customers. Don't make up lies about your competitors but instead, build up your company's strengths and show your customers why doing business with you is their best choice.