U-Haul Work at Home Call Center Jobs

Agents provide customer service, make reservations and offer roadside assistance

Call Center job
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Do-it-yourself moving company U-Haul utilizes both in-office and work-at-home agents hired to provide customer service and roadside assistance as well as to make sales and reservations in the U.S. and Canada. Founded by a Navy veteran, the company makes a point to be military friendly. The company's headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona, as is its brick-and-mortar call center.

Types of Work-at-Home Positions

In these part-time, and often seasonal, jobs, home-based agents are typically hired to do one of three types of jobs (customer service, reservations, or roadside assistance)—but not all three. Most agents work from 25 to 32 hours a week. In Canada, the company hires agents who are bilingual in English and French. 

Some of the work-at-home jobs at U-Haul begin in a contact center and then transition to work-at-home jobs, or they can be both virtual and in-office jobs. In its dual job program, office-based employees can moonlight from home, picking up extra hours from their home offices.

Many jobs are seasonal in nature with the most of the volume in the summer. The hours scheduled are between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., 7 days a week.


Most of U-Haul home-based jobs are part-time. Benefits for part-timers include dental plan, limited medical plan, 401K, stock purchase plan, company discounts, and membership in their credit union. Full-time employees receive additional benefits such as paid time off and a full medical plan. Customer service jobs, which don't require sales, pay less than sales positions. U-Haul says it likes to hire from within, so part-time work can lead to full-time, permanent work. Also, Because you're not an independent contractor, you will be paid for training time.

Training lasts for four weeks and you receive a bonus of $50 after you complete the training.

How You'll Make Working From Home for U-Haul

According to U-Haul, with base pay and the bonus structure, agents average around $14 to $15 per hour. However, the base pay minus bonuses is somewhere between $7.50 and $8.50 per hour. Agents receive a bonus if they book a rental customer.


U-Haul likes candidates that have good verbal skills, are knowledgeable about United States geography and are skilled in the use of instant message technology. Candidates should also be adept at using Windows PC operating systems and have the ability to type 25 words per minute. Also, reservations and sales position candidates need previous call center experience. And, of course, you must be good with people on the phone. 

Applicants must be 16-years old, or older, and have a high school diploma, a GED equivalent degree, or be enrolled in high school. They must also be legally eligible to work in the U.S. or Canada and have at least 6 months of customer service experience under their belt. U-Haul likes candidates that have good verbal skills, are knowledgeable about United States geography and are skilled in the use of instant message technology. Also, reservations and sales position candidates need previous call center experience.

What You'll Need to Do the Job

Agents must provide their own computer equipment. Computers must be Windows XP or higher. Mac computers are not acceptable. You also need to supply your own headset gear. However, VOIP phone service is used, so a landline is not necessarily. That said, you will need to download the VOIP software to your computer.

Also, a speed test is required. That's because the upload and download speed of your DSL or cable internet service needs to meet certain requirements before you apply. That said, they do provide a link on the application page to test your Internet speed and ensure that your system is up to their standards.

The Application Process

If you're interested in finding a call center job, just go to the U-Haul Jobs Contact Center page and click on "Work From Home Opportunities."

The online application process to join U-Haul takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. You will need to upload a cover letter and your resume and provide one to three references. The application requires you to submit your Social Security number. The company may run a criminal background check or credit check and requires a drug screening test for all employees.

The application asks for basic contact information and allows you to check off various skills and work experience that you have. You also have to fill out your employment history and education. Once you've done all this, you simply mark the hours you are available to work. The final step of the application process includes honesty assessment questions as well as a customer service-related multiple choice questionnaire.

Reviews: Both Pros and Cons

These reviews are from both past and current employees of U-Haul.


  • Reasonable pay for the qualifications needed
  • It's an easy interview process
  • They provide their own anti-virus software
  • If you ever need to relocate, your job can relocate with you.
  • Great hours, and the work is flexible


  • Limited hours. Only managers get full-time hours
  • Not much room to grow
  • It can be stressful because moving is stressful
  • Managers do not provide feedback
  • Despite the training, you're thrown into the job without being prepared